Arnav Khushi IPKKND Iconic Starplus Classic drama

Starplus IPKKND Arnav huge demand stuns Khushi

Arnav Khushi IPKKND Iconic Starplus Classic drama Season 1 Episode 2 Khushi lands in Arnav’s arms by mistake after falling down the ramp, where she popped up just to meet Payal’s would be groom Abhishek. Arnav behaves rudely with Khushi, after she become reason for his fashion show’s disaster. He doesn’t want the media to publish his picture with Khushi.

Payal awaits Khushi and wonders why didn’t Khushi come by now. She learns that Abhishek’s mum is demanding huge dowry. Bua tells that that they prepare the shop papers to give to Abhishek. Khushi faces a tough time when the guards lock her up and interrogate her thinking she belongs to Arnav’s business rivals. Khushi isn’t from rival team.

She refuses to accept any blame. Arnav learns that she isn’t speaking up. He doubts on her intentions and goes to meet her himself. Khushi barges out of the room, while Arnav hinders her. With his angry stare, he leaves Khushi terrified. Khushi tells Arnav that she doesn’t know anything. He asks her to give the answer and then leave. She tells that she has to go home to her family, who are in deep trouble. He asks her if she was paid to ruin his fashion show. She wants to explain about her unintentionally entry on the ramp. He insults her about the low status. She doesn’t accept that she has caused any harm.

She wants to go home and not let Payal’s marriage break. He tells her that middle-class girls can marry anyone, they don’t care who the groom is. Khushi finds him speaking nonsense. She wants to know who is he to get this right to speak ill about her family. She asks him if anyone speaks ill about his sister. She hurts him on his weak nerve, Anjali. He loses his cool and tells her that she will see his misbehavior now. He makes a demeaning move to spoil her dress. She pleads innocence. Khushi doesn’t deter by his undignified step and runs away. Bua and Garima get to hear the people defaming Shashi when the Baraat doesn’t turn up. Garima wants an answer about Khushi. Payal has no answer about Khushi.

She wants to break the silence about Khushi going to meet Abhishek to stop him from taking the dowry. Khushi returns home just to find her family angry, and the relatives gossiping to blame her further. She is speechless when asked about her absence. Shashi feels embarrassed and also sorrowful. Khushi meets Payal and tells her that she faced to meet Abhishek or convince him to marry Payal without the dowry demands. Their parents feel the burden of the embarrassment. Bua blames Khushi, while Shashi shows faith on Khushi. He wants to know what was Khushi up to. Payal permits Khushi to reveal their plan.

Khushi tells them that Abhishek could have stopped his mum from taking dowry, she wanted Payal and Abhishek’s relation to be strong. She tells that she wanted to know if Abhishek is also keen on accepting dowry. She tells that she reached a fashion event by mistake. Khushi gets reprimanded for interfering into family matters when her parents are alive to handle it. Bua accuses Khushi for trying to spoil Payal’s life, since she isn’t Payal’s real sister. Garima is also hurt because of Khushi. Shashi defends Khushi. Khushi apologizes to Payal.

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Payal is sure that Abhishek wasn’t worthy of her, hence he didn’t come with the baraat. Khushi then takes a shocking move. Arnav and Khushi’s bonding gets growing on their next move. She wants to make him realize his mistake, since Payal’s marriage matter could have been handled if he didn’t create problems by locking her up in his palace.

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    • Madam when this soap opera is already available for free to watch on hotstar why will you spend money to watch it?

  1. I was in class 11 when this show started. Actually at that time my new home’s construction was barely started. So I had to visit the construction site on a regular basis to keep a watch on the masonry and the labourers. That Day when the first episode commenced on (6 June 2011 ,8PM) the construction materials supplier had supplied a truck full of stone chips, and I had received the delivery, while collecting the delivered stone chips, I was thinking just one thing that when I will be able to get free from this stone chips collection so that I can go home quickly and start watching the first episode of the show, but I missed the first episode that day. When I reached home the first episode was over about half an hour ago. I feeled bad that day, I had watched the repeat telecast of the first episode on the next day afternoon, after finishing my lunch. Afterwards from that day onwards I used to watch the fresh episodes of the show, untill my classes commenced from 4th of July, although I joined them from 7th of July 2011. From that day I had shifted to the previous schedule of watching the repeat telecasts of the show. The character of Arnav Singh Raizada played by Barun sobti at first was shown very much furious, ruthless towards his staffs and specially khushi, and mainly disobedient towards his Nani (Maternal aunt). But he was very much loving, caring and obedient towards his sister Anjali. But at times he also disobed many words of his sister. His resentful and insulting behavior towards the character of khushi played by sanaya Irani were the worst scenes of the show. Majority of the audience used to get feeled bad when he expressed anger and insulted khushi on the show, specially me. The character of Anjali shyam Jha played by Daljeet Kaur was shown very much soft spoken and much loving and caring towards everyone, So does the character of Naniji played by Jayashree T. The character of Akash singh Raizada played by Akshay डोगरा was also seen very good, he was the only one who supported khushi in the Raizada’s Office and at home. Through Anjali was also very much supportive towards Khushi.The character of मामाजी whose original name I don’t know was also good, except Mamiji played by Utkarsha Naik who was shown very much melodramatic, and she used to insult khushi and her sister Payal nearly every single day, she named khushi phatisari and her sister Payal played by Deepali Pansare khoon bhari taang. The character of Lavanya kashyap was shown insulting khushi very much in the first place, but later she turned good and became best friends with khushi and was now soft-spoken to khushi, it all happened just because the latter trained Lavanya kashyap to become a good daughter in law of the Raizada Family. Another reason behind Lavanya ‘s change was that khusi saved her from being expelled from the Raizada house when she lost Naniji’ s favourite goat, by taking the whole blame on her shoulder. But Nani knowed the truth that khusi couldn’t had done all this. The character of buaji was shown very much funny, when she used to say hai re nandkishore(The show started with this dialogue). Khushi’s sister Payal was very soft-spoken with everyone and was very much obedient towards her family. The character of Nandkishore was the funniest of all the characters in this show, when he used to spell hindi words wrong. Last but not the least the character of Shyam Manohar Jha played by Abbas Mehta The second most character I loved the most, after The character of Anjali shyam Jha, was the Main and only Antagonist of the show. Who first meet khushi and her family in Lucknow when he saved her and her parents from the local rowdies. After that khusi was blaming the city of Delhi because aggressive, arrogant and rude people like Arnav Singh Raizada resides in the city, so she thought that the rest of the residents of Delhi would be like him. Then shyam tells khushi that Delhi is not bad like she thoughts. Then he gives his card to her saying that whenever she visits Delhi she can call him or meet him if she needs any help,because he is an advocate. After reaching Delhi with the full family, khushi contacts shyam for a job and he helps her by giving her a appointment letter from the Raizada group of companies A. R who had appointed her at their warehouse as a supervisor. When she reaches the warehouse for her first day of work, she realizes that she had lost her appointment letter when asked for the letter. So the warehouse Manager asks khushi to go to the Main office of the Raizada Group and meet Lavanya Kashyap (secretary of A. S. R). She will definitely help khushi, regarding this matter. When she reaches the main office everyone presented there make fun of khushi because she was wearing a typical old fashioned Indian salwar kameez. Khushi felt very much insulted there, but as she required the job she awaited there for Lavanya, who hired her because she(Lavanya) felt that she (khushi) is not so smart like the other people in that office and she couldn’t attempt to take away her (Lavanya ‘s) position away from her(Lavanya). Rather she will follow her orders like a foolish donkey. After starting her job she faced humiliation in the hands of Arnav, Lavanya and her two secretaries. Arnav was furious in the first place after learning that she was appointed in his office. Lavanya and her secretaries humiliated her because they thought that she will leave the job regarding the humiliation she had faced in this office. The four had used to assign a heavy workload over khushi so that she couldn’t be able to do that and then they could insult her for it and she will leave the job for the humiliation she face there. But khushi was firm in her job and the other four failed in their attempts. On the other hand shyam started living in the buajis house pretending to be a bachelor who had made the hotel room his residence, much later Lavanya and Arnav become friends with khushi and after a series of events shyam gets exposed in front of khushi and later before her family, who get shock after hearing the truth about shyam. There is also a episode on hotstar with this name, The truth about shyam(Iss Pyaar को क्या नाम दूँ?) Season4 episode date 9 December 2011. I Misses the soap opera very much. Every time it is telecasted on star utsav I watches it without failing.I want it to be telecasted again on television.


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