Starplus 5 Times Sonakshi Stunned fans in Kahaan Hum

Starplus 5 Times Sonakshi Stunned fans in Kahaan Hum

Starplus 5 Times Sonakshi Stunned fans in Kahaan Hum Tum 1. When the engagement ring got lost Sonakshi tells Rohit that he wanted to wear the ring of her choice, she has bought the new ring for him, the ring which they lost was chosen by Raima. This brings a smile on Rohit and everyone’s faces. Raima too praises Sonakshi’s smartness, but feels like losing her friend Rohit. Sonakshi turns the table and comes out of the tricky situation in her engagement nicely.

2. When Sonakshi’s father-in-law was asked to apologize.

Sonakshi stuns the media and Sippys by telling them that she will give them the apology they are asking for. She touches Naren’s feet and apologizes to him on the media’s behalf. She handles the situation sincerely. She tells Naren that the media is just like her family and she takes the responsibility of the media. Naren is stunned by her maturity.

3. When she had to sign the Prenuptial agreement

Naren didn’t think that Sonakshi will agree to marry Rohit after knowing about the prenuptial agreement. Sonakshi stuns Sippys once again by accepting Naren’s conditions. She signs the Prenuptial agreement in front of the elders and then hides the matter from Rohit to keep his happiness intact. Naren than permitted Sonakshi and Rohit’s marriage. Sonakshi didn’t wish Sukhmani to tear the papers, which is actually a proof of her love. Her move wins Veena and Naren’s faith.

4. When Sonakshi gave it back to Sundari

Sundari tries to insult Sonakshi by calling her values a part of reel drama. She asks Sonakshi to teach them the values as well, if she gets time off her work. Sonakshi tells Sundari that person’s identity and existence is because of family. She promises to do everything for the sake of the family. She proves that she is for real, Sonakshi isn’t acting at home. Veena gets impressed with Sonakshi’s answers.

5. When she tricked media to save Pooja

Sonakshi tricks the media to save Pooja from Tapasya’s plans. She uses her stardom to teach a lesson to Tapasya. She tells that she is best at acting, she is a star and can show her real mettle to evil doers.

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