Voot Timeout Hit pause to life Tahir Raj Sarah Jane

Voot Timeout Hit pause to life Tahir Raj Sarah Jane

Voot Timeout Hit pause to life Tahir Raj Bhasin Sarah Jane Dias starrer Select specials. Rahul Trivedi realizes that he isn’t living a life which he wanted. He seems to be living an assumed perfect life with his wife Radha. He has everything in his life. A perfect job and a perfect wife. Still, not a perfect life. A life-altering situation strikes him. It remains a mystery until he slowly reveals it.

Radha gets worried when she finds Rahul locking him inside the washroom and throwing out anger. He recalls his life a month ago. Radha is a shopaholic. She spends a lots of money on decorating her new house. Rahul gets anxiety issues on seeing the bills. He feels depressed due to the financial stress. Radha calls Rahul’s best friend Ashish home.

Ashish and his wife Priya suggest Radha to give some space to Rahul. Ashish asks Rahul why isn’t he coming out of the bathroom and hiding himself. He advises Rahul to face the situation, whatever it is. He thinks Rahul has home loan issues. He is ready to help. Radha tells them that life has been tough financially, since they moved into the new house. Rahul then recalls the hardships faced on the career front. He is much troubled with the thought of having kids. He doesn’t think he is ready for fatherhood, which would mean more duties.

He finds Ashish and Payal arguing over their duties towards their baby. Radha also gets interested in having a baby. He gets a call and is informed about his dad’s accident. Rahul gets more busy in managing his parents’ problems. He learns about his dad’s affair as well. Rahul’s mum vents out anger on her cheating husband. She tells that she is in the marriage just because of Rahul. She feels cursed. She wants Rahul to never have babies if he wants to be happy. He takes that advice seriously. Rahul finally breaks out his silence after coming out of the washroom.

He gets rude towards Ashish and Radha. He tells that he isn’t ready to accept a child. He tells about the side effects of having a child. He reveals that she is pregnant and he is the one who got to know this first. Ashish and Payal celebrates Rahul and Radha for the good news. Rahul shocks Radha by his decision of not wanting a baby at this phase of life.

Source Voot Select Starring Tahir Raj Bhasin as Rahul, Sarah Jane Dias as Radha


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