Colors Shakti on air Surprise episodes Heer Virat

Colors Shakti on air Surprise episodes Heer Virat

Colors Shakti on air Surprise episodes Heer Virat Heer decides to test Virat’s love. She tells him that she will ask him few questions, if he answers it right, then it will prove that he knows her well. She tells that its a chance to prove his love. She tells him that she was calling him since long. She asks if he is losing interest in her, while being away.

He tells that he will never lose interest in her. She tells about the compatibility tests taken by the couples staying away due to the lock down. She tells that his truth will come out in just three questions. She wants to know if he loves her and misses her. He is ready to give any tests. He asks her what will he get if he wins the test round. She asks him what food does she like to have. He tells that her choice is like Harman, who also loved to have Pulao dish.

Heer claps for him when he answers it right. She asks him to tell her childhood dream. He tells that everyone would be knowing about it, her dream was to get married. He tells that they are already married. She tells that she feels its like a dream. He promises to get family’s consent and then remarry her in a grand way.

She hopes to see that day soon. She asks him about her bad habit which Preeto dislikes the most. He tells that she lies to the family and runs away from the house, just to meet him. He tells that Preeto doesn’t like this habit of hers. She tells that he is right again. She gets emotional and ponders on her fate for bringing Virat in her life. She tells that he knows her really well and proved his love. She rewards him with a flying kiss. She asks him to take care until they meet.

Colors and Voot airing Shakti’s short video episodes to keep the viewers entertained during the lock down phase. Colors Shakti on air Surprise episodes Heer Virat. Rating: 5/5 Nil Drama

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