IPKKND Khushi shocking outburst Arnav falls for her

IPKKND Khushi shocking outburst Arnav falls for her

IPKKND Khushi shocking outburst Arnav falls for her Arnav promises Anjali that he will do anything as she tells him, since she is his world. The brother-sister duo gets emotional. He tells her that he will call up her husband and complain about her. She cries and flows in emotions. She wants Arnav’s betterment. Manorama tells her husband that Anjali is unwell and her husband should come back.

He feels that Anjali doesn’t want her husband to get disturbed in his work. She doubts that Anjali’s husband has an affair. He asks her not to say any such nonsense, that can hurt family’s sentiments. Arnav gets informed by the staff that Khushi has come to meet him. He goes to meet her. She makes up her mind to resign from the job.

He looks for her wound healing. He asks her if she is doing fine. She vents her anger on him. Khushi tells him that she has come to resign. She tells that its just him, who can hurt her and then enquire for her safety. She tells her decision that she will quit the job. She gives her resignation to him. She scolds him for hurting her so much. He gets stunned by her move. She tells him that she will not let him insult her. She tells that she isn’t scared of him, she can work hard, but she can’t become his slave. She counts her work.

She tells that she had tolerated a lot since she was bound by the contract, but since he has crossed the limits now, she will not do the job. She tells that it was his right to give her work, she has a responsibility, which he didn’t fulfill. She tells that his rights as a boss got over now, she had faced a fatal situation because of him. She tells that she has decided to end all terms with him, he isn’t a good person since he has put her life at risk deliberately.

She tells that the defeat is of him, not of her. She asks him to accept that he has been defeated. She doesn’t think the contract matters to her. She tells that her life matters more for her family. She doesn’t think that he values her life. She stays unaffected because of him. Arnav and Khushi’s dramatic argument gets overheard by his family.

Khushi challenges Arnav to do anything he wants, but she won’t be bound by the contract. Arnav doesn’t see his family. He stays calm and accepts the resignation. Khushi and Arnav then see the family around. Manorama finds Khushi a sharp tongued girl. Khushi apologizes to Nani. She makes a leave, while making a strong impression on Arnav’s heart. Anjali stops Khushi and comes up with an apology. She tells Khushi that she isn’t commanding, but requesting her.

She tells that she didn’t see anyone speaking to Arnav in this way till now. Khushi tells that she has spoken the truth, since his behavior was much wrong. Anjali calls her very brave to speak up her mind. She tells Khushi that Arnav isn’t like the one she thinks.

She wants Khushi to forgive Arnav. Khushi tells Anjali that she can’t bow down to Arnav, she isn’t scared of him, he isn’t any Lord. She informs Payal that she has resigned and is on the way home now. Payal tells Shyam that Khushi has left the job, but she needs another job so that she can help Bua ji financially. Shyam is worried since he can’t let Khushi work at his place. Payal tells that Khushi can work with him in his office. Bua ji tells Shyam about she has something on his mind. She asks Shyam about his family. Shyam tells that he has his parents in Lucknow. He asks the reason for the enquiry. She asks him if he is married or seen someone for marriage.

Shyam jokes that she is much elder than him. She asks him not to be naughty. She tells that she wants to get her relative married to him. He asks her to focus on Khushi. Payal tells Bua ji that Khushi was sounding upset. Shyam tells them that he will cheer up Khushi. Arnav crushes the resignation. He can’t accept whatever is happening. He gets influenced by Khushi, though he doesn’t accept it. He continues to think about her. Khushi too thinks of Arnav, while leaving from his house. She doesn’t feel happy after resigning. She wonders why is she feeling bad. Arnav and Khushi still think of each other.

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  1. The way he observed her hand to findout how is her wound awww…..that’s really pretty….he doesn’t have right to take her hand and see how is it so he observes keenly….superb lovable moment for me in this episode


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