YRKKH Fresh beginning Kaira eternal love conquers

YRKKH Fresh beginning Kaira eternal love conquers
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YRKKH Fresh beginning Kaira eternal love conquers Kartik slips in a big dilemma over his feelings growing for Naira once again, knowing she is involved in Shubham’s death. He wants to forget her. He hates her for hiding about Shubham’s drug addiction, which resulted in his loss. He tries to control his anxiety in front of the family. He tends to drinking.

Manish tries to direct his life and hands over a new project to him. He asks Kartik to head the Imperial college as the new trustee. Naira happens to take the admission in the same college. Naitik wishes her all the best for her life’s new journey. He wants her to forget Kartik, who disrespected their relationship and abandoned her. He urges her to move on. Kartik and Naira reach Mumbai’s Imperial College. They have few hits and misses.

Naira joins as the student, while Kartik joins as the trustee-cum-professor. Fate brings them together. He doesn’t want to think about her. He finishes the formalities with the college authorities. Another coincidence makes them stay in the same apartment in Mumbai. They become neighbors and still don’t get to meet initially. Naira enjoys her learning phase. Kartik helps the principal by taking the professor’s job. He goes to take the business management class. Some guys in the college rag Naira, the junior.

They compel Naira to profess love to her professor Mr. Goenka. Naira goes aheaad with the bouquet in hand. Kartik misses to see Naira, after leaving from his cabin. He heads for the class and disciplines the students. Naira returns to the class with the same bouquet. She comes across Kartik. She turns weak in emotions and falls down, landing in Kartik’s arms. Kartik and Naira’s cute chemistry gets applauded by one and all in the class. The students don’t know about their relation, and try to rag Naira further. Naira breaks down by meeting Kartik and leaves from the college. She never thought that she will face Kartik suddenly.

Kartik also doesn’t understand that destiny will bring him back to Naira. He still loves Naira, but can’t admit it to her, due to Suwarna’s enormous hatred for her. He learns that Suwarna is going to visit him. He doesn’t want Suwarna to know about Naira. Kartik and Naira continue to meet in the college, maintaining the prolonged silence. They end up hurting each other unknowingly. Kartik still blames her for Shubham’s death. Naira realizes that she can’t explain her innocence to Kartik. She leaves it all on fate. Kartik and Naira fall in love once again.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Yeh Rishta Naye Safar Ki Shuravaat Mumbai track, YRKKH Fresh beginning Kaira eternal love conquers: 5/5
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