Kaira Shivika Starplus 2017 Top 5 Pairing listed

Kaira Shivika Starplus 2017 Top 5 Pairing listed

Kaira Shivika Starplus 2017 Top 5 Pairing listed The best couples define love and also pass the tough hurdles in their love. They don’t know the upcoming storms, but their strong relationship filled with love, faith and trust defeat all the problems.

They subside their fears by their strong assurance. Love is defined as being the strong support in the weakest moment. Shivay and Anika always stood for each other, making an entry in each other’s heart. They fall in forever love after the little moments making big difference in their lives.


Likewise, Kartik and Naira feel their love is everywhere around, within their hearts and always giving them strength. They know that they are made for each other and can never get separated. They promise to always love each other. They have unspoken cute romance happening all the time. They find chances to profess love and marry whenever they are at peace. They know that none could understand their crazy love, there is none like them. They madly love each other. Raman and Ishita promise to be together for a lifetime. Their love means ideal togetherness.

Raman and Ishita’s love confessions and cute romance make them one of the best pairings. Avni and Neil didn’t wish to fall in love, but it eventually happens. Avni had big goals of revenge in her life, but love brings colours and hope. She feels Neil has given a new meaning to her life. Their love stays unexpressed for a long time only to get a peak voice out later on. Avni and Neil become soul mates.

Anant and Ahana’s love happens, when their families oppose their friendship and love. Love doesn’t happen when one is much thoughtful. It happens unplanned. Ahana’s love for Anant is such that crosses the boundaries laid by the society. Anant always surprises her to match up to her dreams. The couples don’t care for any of the problems knocking their lives. They just feel the love that makes their hearts skip a beat.

Kaira Shivika Starplus 2017 Top 5 Pairing listed Which one is your favorite? Shoot in your comments to express your likes and dislikes on the shows and pairings listed.


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