Star Plus IPKKND 1 Khushi Arnav Anjali Shyam meet

Star Plus IPKKND 1 Khushi Arnav Anjali Shyam meet

Star Plus IPKKND 1 Khushi Arnav Anjali Shyam meet Anjali and Khushi complete the aarti. Arnav consoles Anjali. They wait for Shyam. The ladies break their fast. Anjali doesn’t want to break the fast until Shyam comes. Lavanya tells Arnav that she had kept the fast for him. She asks him to break her fast. Arnav stays lost. Khushi misunderstands seeing them together. Lavanya thanks him for completing the rituals. He tells that he doesn’t believe in all the rituals.

Lavanya tells that she is glad to observe the rituals. Arnav gets affected by Khushi’s presence around. Khushi witnesses their moment when Lavanya confesses love for Arnav. Lavanya meets his family and makes a leave. Khushi and Payal tell Anjali that they are leaving, since their puja is complete. Anjali tells them that her husband would be coming now. Khushi tells that her Bua ji would be worried at home. Khushi leaves from the temple early. Shyam happens to see her leaving and thinks to meet Anjali.

Arnav and Khushi feel for each other, since they get away. Anjali is sure that her husband won’t break her faith. She wants to continue her puja until he arrives. Anjali’s prayers get answered when Shyam meets them.

Anjali’s true love for Shyam is seen. She respects him a lot. More than love, there is faith in the bond. Shyam breaks Anjali’s fast and hugs her with fake love. Anjali is delighted to see him infront.

She asks him about his injury. He tells about the accident. He doesn’t want them to worry for him. Arnav gets happy to see their love. Khushi realizes that she has forgotten her puja plate at the temple. She tells Payal that she will rush back and get the plate. She reaches the temple when Anjali and Shyam are finishing the Teej rituals. Khushi misses to see them together. Arnav pledges to always protect Anjali’s happiness.

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