Romance topper IPKKND Arnav Khushi’s love revisited

Romance topper IPKKND Arnav Khushi's love revisited

Romance topper IPKKND Arnav Khushi’s love revisited Arnav takes Khushi inside the temple, by carrying her in arms. He revives her by feeding her the water. He breaks her Teej fast unknowingly just to get her conscious. On the other hand, Akash gets delighted to see Payal. Payal returns Anjali’s aarti plate. She tells about Khushi getting the wrong plate by mistake. Anjali likes Payal as Akash’s choice.

Manorama tells that poor girls try to do such things to make terms with rich people. Payal doesn’t hear the taunts. She has to visit the other temple. Anjali asks Payal to join them for the puja. She insists and tells that she will invite Khushi as well. Payal agrees to her. Akash gets mesmerized with Payal’s simplicity. Anjali stops her intentionally just for Akash’s happiness. She notices his smiling face.

Khushi realizes that Arnav has broken her fast by feeding her the water. She wants to know why did he break her fast. He wasn’t aware of her fast. He tells her that he didn’t know about her fast, she was fainting and he had to feed her the water. Khushi apologizes for the mistake to break the fast. She continues to stay dizzy. Arnav handles her once again with much care. They have unspoken feelings. He asks her to take care of herself. He tends to care for her. Khushi distances herself. She wants to perform the puja soon and then leave.

Lavanya waits for Manorama and Nani to guide her in finishing the fast. Manorama’s focus shifts on her. Akash gets to spend some time with Payal. Khushi meets Arnav’s family. She tells Anjali that they had come to just return the aarti plate, knowing its importance. Anjali thanks her for bringing the plate which had the mannat thread. She awaits her husband.

She tells Khushi that her husband will be soon coming. Shyam calls up home to know if Khushi and Payal reached home from the temple. Bua ji tells him that the girls didn’t return yet. Shyam wants to double check if they have gone to the temple he suggested. Khushi behaves nicely with Anjali, who also showers care towards her.

Anjali asks Khushi and Payal to do the puja with them, since they both look weak during fasting. Khushi is hesitant since her fast is already broken by Arnav. Payal agrees thinking of Khushi’s weak state. Akash asks them to obey elders sometimes. Akash feels happy that Payal will be doing the puja with his family. Arnav has his focus on Khushi than Lavanya. He finds Anjali upset.

He tells her that she can perform the puja and break the fast until her husband comes. He doesn’t want her to cry. Anjali doesn’t listen to him. She wants him to just come soon. Shyam calls Khushi and asks her to leave from the temple on time so that she finds the transport to return home. Khushi agrees to him. He is relieved that she is going away. He thinks its time he should reach the temple for Anjali’s sake. Arnav calls Shyam to make Anjali speak.

Anjali gets happy when her husband tells her that he is arriving soon. Shyam tells her that he is coming soon. Anjali performs the puja and waits to meet her husband, Shyam. Shyam gets late again on seeing Khushi and Payal still with Anjali. He hides there for a while. This rages Anjali, whose waiting doesn’t seem to end. She gets crying and worrying more.

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