IPKKND 10th May 2020 Arnav Khushi delightful saga

IPKKND Arnav attempts to trash Khushi's memories

IPKKND 10th May 2020 Arnav Khushi delightful saga Shyam and Anjali spend time. Shyam disconnects Khushi’s call and lies to Anjali. He continues thinking of Khushi, his new love. Khushi doesn’t know why Shyam didn’t return home. She tells Payal about Akash, who is very helpful than Arnav. Payal tells that she had met Akash in the market before. Khushi tells that she had brought the dupatta for her, which was actually given by Akash, since she missed to buy any gift.

Payal realizes that Akash is a nice person like Anjali. Khushi tells that Arnav is a devil, but his family is noble. She tells that Manorama isn’t a good person. She enacts Manorama and laughs. Payal asks about Lavanya. Khushi tells about Arnav and Lavanya’s love affair. She seems affected.

Khushi dreams of Arnav again. She doesn’t get sleep. She asks Payal not to name him again. Nani meets Shyam, who pleases her by his sweet behavior. Shyam tells her that he doesn’t forget anything she tells. She asks him the reason for coming late. Nani tells Anjali that she knew about Shyam’s accident, so that she doesn’t worry. Shyam gifts bells to the goat Laxmi. He tells Nani that he loves the family and wants to pamper them. Nani and Anjali get happy to hear him. Shashi and Garima call up Bua to talk to the girls.


Bua praises Shyam again. Khushi and Payal tell them about the Teej fast. Shashi misses them. He gets emotional. He finds the girls happy. He doesn’t want to tell them that his shop got mortgaged. Garima tells that their girls will know the truth some day. He wishes that Mishra gets some solution. Bua asks Khushi what did Shyam tell. Khushi tells that he didn’t answer. Khushi asks Bua why is she missing Shyam so much. She cracks jokes. On the other hand, Arnav learns that Shyam is preparing the breakfast for Anjali.

He finds Anjali laughing and happy because of Shyam. The entire family seems happy. Shyam is caring towards Anjali. Arnav is glad to see their moment. Shyam makes jalebis for everyone. He brings joy in the family. Arnav feels like heaven to see his sister smiling. Anjali asks Shyam how did he learn making sweets.

Shyam tells that he has learnt it himself like few things happen unplanned. He recalls Khushi. Khushi thinks Shyam is too busy. She prepares double food after keeping one fast. Bua doesn’t want her to end the ration. Khushi gets reminded of Arnav. Arnav too stays occupied by Khushi’s thoughts.

Shyam tells that he is buying a new house and would take Anjali along. Arnav requests Shyam to let Anjali stay with the family. He doesn’t think Anjali should stay alone in the new house. He wants his sister happy somehow. Khushi tells Payal that she has sensed Shashi’s tension when they spoke on the call. She tells that it will be surely financial tensions. Shashi tells Garima that Mishra couldn’t help much, they will be losing their shop. They get upset. Shyam prepares sugar free jalebis for Arnav.

Arnav asks Shyam to shift to Delhi and then take Anjali along. Shyam agrees to his request, since Anjali’s happiness matters. He tells that family matters to him than the house. Anjali tells that her Teej puja went well, Khushi and Payal met her at the temple. Shyam drops the jalebis by hearing their names. His reaction stuns the family. Shyam doesn’t want Khushi’s connection with Anjali’s family. Khushi decides to meet Arnav at his office.


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