Starplus Biggie New Trender Iss Pyaar Season 1

Starplus Biggie New Trender Iss Pyaar Season 1

Starplus Biggie New Trender Iss Pyaar Season 1 Arnav thinks of Khushi, who had left a great impact on him. He thinks to meet her again and get a closure on their fights. He is guilty for risking her life. Arnav and Khushi get to meet once again. Khushi’s entry make him recall their past moments. Arnav wants to go to her. She gets shocked by his sight. She wants to avoid him. She gets scared of his reaction.

She finds a way to ignore him. She rushes to the storeroom, knowing her belongings are kept there, when Arnav wanted to send it to her house. Arnav summons her to his cabin. She goes against him and further angers him. Arnav follows her. She doesn’t care for his anger. On the other hand, Shyam lies to Anjali about the phone call. Anjali tells Shyam that Lavanya will be coming to stay with them. Shyam asks her to share her worries if any.

Anjali tells him that she is much worried for Arnav. She is glad that Shyam knows her so well. She tells Shyam that Nani’s opinion about Lavanya is right, Lavanya isn’t suitable for Arnav. She feels Arnav deserves a nice girl. When she talks about love, Shyam gets compelled to think about Khushi. Khushi looks for her belongings in the storeroom. She gets her idol. Arnav shocks her by shouting at her. She falls down and also drops the idol. Arnav runs to get hold of the idol, while she falls aside. He gets the idol. They land in an awkward moment.

He gets disturbed by her attitude. Shyam calls up Khushi to ask her to leave from the office. Khushi doesn’t want Shyam to worry. Shyam tells that he is worried for her. He tells that he will try to come back soon, since he is missing her. Arnav asks Khushi not to run away and break her silence. He doesn’t want her to misbehave. He locks the door to stop her from leaving. The door knob breaks. He also breaks her phone when she continues to ignore him. He wants her to talk to him first. He gets upset on seeing her cry.

He calms down and tries to console her. He calls up for help to get out of the storeroom, while she tries to solve the problem herself. He asks her to stop hurting herself by banging the door. Khushi asks him to stop dominating others’ lives. She wants to go out of the storeroom some way. They get into another unusual moment. They try to clear their differences. Khushi reveals that she is going too far from him, she is returning back to Lucknow. Arnav feels bad like losing someone special. He doesn’t want her to leave.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Starplus Biggie New Trender Iss Pyaar Season 1: 5/5
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