IPKKND Unpredicted twist Khushi Arnav Starplus Today

IPKKND Unpredicted twist Khushi Arnav Starplus Today

IPKKND Unpredicted twist Khushi Arnav Starplus Today Shyam covers up his shocking reaction on hearing Khushi’s name. Anjali cares for him. Arnav and Khushi tend to overthink about each other. Nani asks Arnav to forget Lavanya. Arnav asks her to drop the matter and not discuss it in front of Shyam. Shyam asks Arnav to calm down.

He wants to know about Lavanya. Arnav doesn’t tell him anything. Arnav makes a leave. Manorama tells Shyam about Lavanya. Payal and Khushi think to start some new work to help Bua ji. Payal asks Khushi to pick their old order from Raizada house. Khushi asks her not to talk about Arnav. Shyam suggests Arnav to take time and decide about Lavanya. He tells that he will support him if he doesn’t want to marry Khushi. He asks him what will he get by leaving the house and family. He tells Arnav that relations of the family makes a person happy.

Arnav admits that he has a relation with Lavanya. He wants Nani to accept Lavanya. Shyam asks him to understand Nani’s thinking. Arnav feels suffocated by her attitude. He wants to live his life his way. Shyam asks him to just adapt to Nani’s thoughts. Nani doesn’t want to accept Lavanya as her Bahu. Shyam pacifies Nani and supports her. He tries to solve the problem for Arnav and Nani. He tells that its better to come to a mutual decision than arguing. He tells her that he is just with her decision.

Nani gets happy. Anjali is happy to see him pleasing everyone. Shyam tells Nani that he also wants Arnav to get married. Manorama wants Akash’s turn to come next. Shyam asks Nani to make a quick decision, Lavanya can stay with them for few days. Manorama asks how can this get possible before marriage. Nani doesn’t like the idea.

Shyam tells that its better to keep them in front of their eyes, maybe Arnav will agree for marriage then. He asks Nani to transform Lavanya according to her traditions. Nani agrees to let Lavanya stay in the house. Nani tells Manorama that Arnav will marry first, and then Akash.

Anjali praises Shyam for supporting Arnav. He tells that he isn’t rich like her. She is happy with his love. She tells him that she wants Arnav’s happiness, she doesn’t like Lavanya, but will make a compromise for his sake. She tells that Nani will also accept Lavanya. Arnav gifts Shyam and Anjali with love.

Anjali asks Arnav does he favor Shyam more than her. She likes his gift. Shyam and Anjali wear the watches. Arnav wants them to be always together. He knows their time is important and they should remember their moments. Arnav tells Anjali that he has some work in his office. Khushi recalls that she left the Devi idol in Arnav’s office.

She tells Payal that she is going to the office. Payal warns her. Khushi tells that she will bring her figurine and return soon. She thinks Arnav won’t be there, since its Sunday. Arnav calls up Lavanya. He asks her to shift to his house. She gets too happy. She asks him to give her tips. He asks her to just stay the same. He gets to see Khushi’s desk and misses her. Lavanya expresses her love for Arnav. He doesn’t reciprocate, being confused about Khushi. Arnav asks the staff to send Khushi’s belongings to her home.

Shyam calls up Bua to know about the family. Bua tells that Khushi had gone to the office to collect her belongings. Shyam worries since Arnav is also at the office. Shyam feels caught by Anjali. Khushi reaches the office, unaware that Arnav is already inside. She rushes to get her belongings. She recalls the bad moments in the office. Arnav and Khushi meet again.

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