Tanhaiyan Last Episode Haider Meera happy union

Tanhaiyan Last Episode Haider Meera happy union

Tanhaiyan Last Episode Haider Meera happy union Meera gets clueless about the reason why Haider left her. She fails to find him anywhere. Haider gets unreachable for her. After some months, Meera is all set to pursue her career in New York. She isn’t a weak person to cry for him. She continues to confront him. Haider ignores her calls. He weeps on hearing her voice mails.

She wants a closure. They both try to move on in their lives. Haider receives a call from Raza’s mother. He learns that she had a heart attack and is quite serious. He speaks to her. She jokes that she faked the heart attack news to talk to him. Avantika meets Meera and tells her the reason for Haider’s leaving, the common person in their lives, Raza. Meera learns that Haider was Raza’s best friend. Raza’s mother clears Haider’s doubts. She tells him that Raza was emotionally weak, he met Meera at the fashion company.

Meera tells Avantika that she doesn’t even remember Raza. Avantika tells that Raza was in love with her. Meera didn’t even know his name. Haider can’t believe that Raza’s love was one-sided, Meera didn’t cheat Raza, she never loved him and didn’t break his heart. He feels that he has judged Meera wrong. Raza’s mother tells him that Raza wanted to propose Meera. Meera tells Avantika that she remembers Raza proposing her and she took it as a joke. Raza slipped in depression due to the heartbreak. Haider cries for Raza. Meera realizes that Haider misunderstood her as the cause of Raza’s suicide.

Raza’s mother tells him that Meera and he aren’t the reason for his suicide, they should move on. Meera gets all her answers through Avantika’s help. She doesn’t want to blame Haider, understanding his pain. Raza’s mother asks her to meet Meera and win her love. Meera thinks to visit Haider’s house for the last time. He goes home knowing that she would be coming. He plans a surprise for her. Haider meets Meera once again. He confesses love to her. He tells her that Raza’s mother has cleared all his misunderstandings. Haider and Meera unite, finally.

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