Hotstar Sugar Free Web Originals Interesting read

Hotstar Sugar Free Web Originals Interesting read

Hotstar Sugar Free Web Originals Interesting read Akshay is an unhappy employee, getting tired of his work schedule. He goes to have coffee at the cafe and meets a stranger, who tends to know his life’s problems. Akshay introduces himself to Monica. He appears sad to her. She tells him that he should be happy, like her. She wants to know what’s troubling him so much.

She eases his tensions. He tells her that he is losing many projects and may get fired as well. He is tensed that his boss asked him to replace his team. He doesn’t know what he would do after losing his job. Monica gets him a sugar free coffee, which tastes pale as his life. He wants to be alone for some time. Monica explains him that he should stop crying and sulking about the problems, and add some sugar in his life, since it doesn’t take much time to bring a change.

She tells him that he should solve his problems. She goes for her work, without revealing her real identity. Akshay likes her advice. He later learns that Monica is his boss’ daughter. He realizes that he made a mistake by speaking ill about the boss. He receives a mail from Monica. He gets surprised to know that he has been promoted. He changes his perception towards his boss and Monica. He turns positive, due to Monica’s life changing philosophy. He gets indebted to her.

Starring: Yuvraj Singh, Zoya Afroz.
Source: Hotstar


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