Lockdown Diaries Hotstar 2020 Latest positive insight

Lockdown Diaries Hotstar 2020 Latest positive insight

Lockdown Diaries Hotstar 2020 Latest positive insight The latest Hotstar Originals, Lockdown Diaries brings a sweet tale of positivity. A man gets his granddaughter’s call, who is much depressed due to the lockdown. She sounds upset on the call. She tells him that she had studied hard, but her academic year got cancelled. She was excited for her graduation day. She doesn’t know when will the consequences of the lockdown end.

She seems everything has finished. He tells her that the people are more troubled than her. He wants her to be thankful and look at the positive side of the lockdown phase. He asks her to look at the good aspects. She asks him if he is kidding. She feels that her parents have jailed her at home. He tells her that he will share some lockdown stories with her, which will change her perception. He shares some stories of others dealing with the lockdown.

Story 1: A couple plans to elope and marry. They cancel their plan due to the lockdown. Madhu and Nilesh change their mind to lie to the families and run away. They stay confused, though they love each other. She feels connected to her not-so-understanding parents. She wants to live with them, after knowing them closely. She plans to invite Nilesh home so that he can speak to her parents about their marriage. She tells that the lockdown has brought her closer to her parents. Nilesh agrees to her idea. They feel the lockdown has worked in their favor. They cancel the plan of eloping and decide to get consent of their families.

Story 2: An old couple is seen breaking the ego wall and sorting their differences. They value each other after many years, when they live at home during the lockdown. The isolated life makes them realize that they need each other for living. They decide to start a new life together after the lockdown ends.

The man brings a positive insight and cheers up his granddaughter. She tells him that her parents are busy in their quarrels. He asks her to find love in their fights. She goes and finds her dad baking a cake for her mum. She really thinks that lockdown isn’t such a bad phase, since it has shown her something which she could have never expected. The lockdown has suddenly paused our lives, but still we are able to reach out to ourselves, our goals and dreams. Find yourself and break the walls of your mind, being locked amidst the walls of the house.

Shishir Sharma, Aishwarya Desai


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