Ishq SubhanAllah brings Eisha Singh rocking comeback

Ishq SubhanAllah brings Eisha Singh rocking comeback

Ishq SubhanAllah brings Eisha Singh rocking comeback There is a big good news for the fans of Ishq SubhanAllah. The show isn’t going off air. Also, there is a replacement of the female lead. Eisha Singh will be returning to the show and replacing the current lead Tunisha Sharma. Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan’s pairing and chemistry will be seen once again. The fans will be watching them together again. Tunisha will be making an exit from the show as per the new season’s track. Eisha’s character of Zara will be revived by the big twist. Kabeer and Zara’s super-duper love story will be back.

The fresh episodes of Ishq SubhanAllah will be airing from 13th July, 2020. Eisha’s return in the show is a big surprise for her fans, who were much upset with her exit. The fans trended and demanded her return in Ishq SubhanAllah. The lockdown period gets something better for Eisha’s fans. The beautiful actress will be making the dramatic entry. The excitement to watch the show will get higher with her return.

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