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Starplus Kasautii Anurag's huge rescue New Bajaj enters

Kasautii Zindagii Kay New Promo New Episodes 7th July 2020 Anurag and Prerna will come back together, because of Sneha. Sneha isn’t aware of her parents. She meets Prerna at the flower shop, owned and run by the NGO lady. Sneha asks the lady about the famous lovers and their love stories. Sneha asks about Heer and Ranjha, Laila and Majnu and others. Sneha wants to know if the love is really such a true and strong emotion. The lady asks her from where did she get to know about the famous love stories.

Sneha jokingly tells that she has heard it when she was in her mother’s womb. She feels cold and gets caring Prerna at her side. Prerna gives away her red dupatta to Sneha to save her from the cold weather. Before Sneha could thank her, Prerna makes a leave. Sneha loses the dupatta, which flies by the wind and reaches Anurag. Anurag too cares for Sneha and returns the dupatta when she asks for it. He covers her with the dupatta. Sneha thanks him as well. He asks her who else did she thank for the dupatta. She shows Prerna standing far.


Anurag and Prerna happen to see each other after many years. Their love story begins once again, but this time Mr. Bajaj isn’t going to back off from his love. He wants Prerna in his life at any cost. Mr. Bajaj doesn’t let Prerna clear her misunderstanding and get back to Anurag. Sneha will play a big role in bringing back her parents together. What will Mr. Bajaj do in the story? The show begins 13th July, 2020 with a big change. Karan Patel joins as Mr. Bajaj, replacing Karan Singh Grover. Comment below if you like the latest promo of your favorite Kasautii Zindagii Kay.


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