Colors Top 3 Choti Sardarni Naati Pinky Barister Babu

Colors Top 3 Choti Sardarni Naati Pinky Barister Babu

Colors Top 3 Choti Sardarni Naati Pinky Barister Babu promos are making a wave today. With new stories coming up to glue the audience to the tv screens once again, the shows are getting better in terms of the drama quotient. There are new negative entries coming in Meher and Sarabjeet’s lives. Sarabjeet makes a prayer for Meher. He doesn’t think he can choose between Meher and the baby.

Dr. Aditi makes an entry as the angel for Meher. Meher and her baby will survive the tough phase, when Dr. Aditi comes to her rescue. Meher promises Sarabjeet that she will never leave Param and him. She has forgotten Manav by now. Meher has crossed a big journey with Sarabjeet and eventually falls in love with him. Sarabjeet too selflessly loves Meher. He doesn’t want Meher to part ways with him ever. A hidden enemy will be attacking Meher’s happy family.

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story: Pinky takes a new identity of Imarti to marry Arjun. She changes her appearance completely and dons the bridal attire to head for her marriage. Ram catches Pinky in the mandap. He threatens to shoot down Arjun. Pinky gets a huge shock sensing that Arjun is in danger once again. Pinky will be revealing the reason for her new avatar.

Barister Babu promo reveals Anirudh’s master plan to deal with Bondita’s personal problems. He asks Bondita to wear Batuk’s clothes and try to have control on herself through the power of yoga. He instructs Bondita to perform yoga exercises, while Trilochan keeps a puja at home. Anirudh breaks the customs set by Trilochan just to help Bondita get rid of her problems. When the pandits ask about Bondita, Trilochan summons her. Bondita sits in the puja in the masculine look. Saudamini comes up with an idea to expose Bondita’s look and get her scolded by Trilochan. She succeeds in her plan. Trilochan fumes at Anirudh and Bondita for their silly plans. He didn’t wish Bondita to get the family respect at stake.


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