Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Abhi Pragya longing resumes

Zee5 Kumkum Bhagya Pragya needs Abhi's support

Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Abhi Pragya longing resumes Prachi calls up Ranbir. He gets worried thinking Prachi will scold him angrily. He apologizes to her for not answering her calls before. Prachi reacts when he helplessly flirts with her. She tells him that she is okay with his confession. He gets glad to know it. She informs him that Maya got jealous by his plan. She has convinced Maya.

Ranbir praises her acting skills. He asks her how did she convince Maya. She tells him how she has lied to Maya that they love each other and are dating. Ranbir gets happy with Prachi’s love confession. She tells him that Maya will break up with him. He tells her that he will come to meet her.

On the other hand, Meera is disturbed thinking about Aaliya. She doesn’t know why is Aaliya instigating Maya this way. She wants to stop Aaliya from the wrong move. She thinks to inform Rhea. She calls up Rhea. Dimpy wants to tell Meera about Rhea’s self destructive mode. She doesn’t think she should tell about Ranbir and Prachi. She answers Meera’s call and informs that Rhea is at her place. She tells Meera about Rhea’s depression. Meera asks her if Aaliya knows about Rhea’s feelings for Ranbir. Dimpy has no answer for this. Meera realizes that Aaliya knows everything and hence she is provoking Maya.

Aaliya thinks she will win if Maya kills Prachi or herself. She wants to inform Rhea about her new plan. She tosses a coin to know who will die, Maya or Prachi. She thinks it will be best thing if Maya kills Prachi and goes to jail for the murder crime. Maya gets angered and plans to kill Prachi. She doesn’t want Ranbir to ditch her. Moreover, Ranbir meets Prachi and hugs her happily. He tells her that it was a friendly hug, not a lover’s romantic hug. He requests her to spend some time with him. She tells him that Maya will catch him and kill him.

Ranbir asks her not to scare him about Maya. Maya reaches the hotel room to kill Prachi. She pours the kerosene and ignites fire to burn Prachi alive. She thinks Prachi will be out of her way now. Prachi gets scared on seeing the fire. She shouts for help. Maya gets pleased on hearing her scream. This turns out to be her weird imagination. She thinks to work out her dream and make it Prachi’s future. Shahana tells Sarita that Prachi is also realizing her feelings for Ranbir. Sarita doesn’t want Pragya to know the matter soon.

Pragya wants Prachi to realize love on her own. Pragya and Abhi miss each other. They spend hours thinking of each other and their golden memories. Abhi sheds tears for his lady love. Pragya is equally sad and longing for him. Pragya doesn’t want Prachi to same pain in love. She wishes she gets Abhi back in her life. Abhi wishes that they never got separated. Abhi and Pragya make a wish to live the same life together once again.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Abhi Pragya longing resumes 7th July 2020:4/5
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