Kundali Bhagya Zee tv Danger looms around Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Zee tv Danger looms around Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Zee tv Danger looms around Preeta Preeta follows Rishabh to the hotel and finds the goon dragging Rishabh to the staircase. She follows the goon to catch him and fail his evil plans. The goon understands that someone is following him. He goes to check. Preeta hides from him for her safety. She thinks to call Karan and inform him. She gets to see the room where the goon is caging Rishabh. Prithvi waits for Rana’s call.

He wants to know if Rishabh is kidnapped or not. He wants Rana to at least inform him that the kidnapping is done. He calls up Rana and threatens to kill him if he fails to kidnap Rishabh. Rana disconnects the call and angers him further. Prithvi doesn’t want him to overpower him. Preeta doesn’t know what to do. She thinks who is Rishabh’s enemy, why would anyone target him. She wants to save him in a way that he stays unharmed.

Rana sends Rishabh’s picture to Prithvi. Prithvi warns him against acting smart. He dances on seeing Rishabh’s picture. He asks Rana to wake up Rishabh. He pities Rishabh and likes his helpless picture. Prithvi wants to teach a lesson to Karan also. He feels he is enough to carry on his plans alone, without Sherlyn’s help. He is glad that everything is going on a right track, Karan is going to marry Mahira and then Preeta will be free. He rejects Sherlyn’s calls. Sherlyn gets angry. She faces rude behavior of Mahira also.

She goes to meet Mahira. Mahira wants to know why is everyone favoring Preeta. She feels Sherlyn is negligent and didn’t know about Preeta’s arrival. She doesn’t know if Preeta has really come home. Prithvi waits for Rishabh’s consciousness to get his signatures on the property papers. Prithvi calls up Rana once again to know about Rishabh. Rana tells him that Rishabh isn’t waking up since long. Prithvi doesn’t want Rishabh to know who is behind the kidnapping. Mahira informs Sherlyn about Shrishti and Sameer’s conversation. She tells that Preeta may arrive anytime. This comes as a shocker for Sherlyn.

Shrishti finds a way to connect to Preeta. She lies that Karan has called her home. Preeta calls up Shrishti to tell her about her urgency. Shrishti wants to know where did Preeta disappear. She asks Preeta if she has gone to Luthra house. She asks Shrishti to not go to Luthra house. Shrishti senses that she is in a big trouble. She wants to help Preeta. On Shrishti’s questioning, Preeta tells that she will explain the scenario later. Shrishti threatens to involve Sarla. Preeta gets helpless to tell her. Preeta reveals about Rishabh’s kidnapping.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kundali Bhagya Zee tv Danger looms around Preeta 11th July 2020 Episode Lockdown stories special: 3/5
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