Starplus Kasautii Bajaj back to protect Prerna 15th July

Kasautii Bajaj suspects Komolika Ronit 31st July 2020

Starplus Kasautii Bajaj back to protect Prerna 15th July 2020 Anurag wishes to go home early, being tired of the hospital stay. Mohini accepts his request. She asks Nivedita to clear the bills so that they can leave for home. Komolika tells Nivedita that Prerna has accepted her feelings for Anurag, which is some big news for Mr. Bajaj. She thinks Mr. Bajaj is the person who can take charge and stop Prerna from getting back to Anurag, knowing Mr. Bajaj is also much fond of Prerna.

She tells Nivedita that Mr. Bajaj will not tolerate Prerna’s love for Anurag. Nivedita doesn’t think its easy to instigate Bajaj against Prerna. Komolika makes a call to Mr. Bajaj, who enjoys his work in London. He accepts her call, despite his busy schedule since he wishes to speak to her, knowing she will definitely have something to say about Prerna. Komolika doesn’t waste time and reveals about Prerna posing as Anurag’s wife at the hospital.

She reminds him that he is Prerna’s husband now. Mr. Bajaj doesn’t doubt on Prerna’s intentions. He shuts up Komolika’s nonsense. She asks him the reason for Prerna’s love confession. It worries him as well, since he also loves Prerna. She tells him that Prerna has confessed that she loves Anurag and maybe she will drop her revenge plans against him. He can’t believe it. He keeps Prerna’s dignity in front of accusing Komolika. He tells her that she can’t instigate him against his beloved wife, if she is done with venting out her frustration, then she can just stay away from his family.

He doesn’t want her to trouble Prerna. He plans to reach Kolkata to meet Prerna. Komolika is sure that he will confront Prerna. He knows Prerna loves Anurag since ever, but now she has revenge on her mind. He calls Prerna to clear his doubts. He asks her about signing the form as Anurag’s wife, not about the love confession. He reminds her that she is in Kolkata just to exact revenge on Anurag. He asks her not to forget the pain given by Anurag. Prerna is thankful to him for always mentoring her and making her step ahead in her revenge plan. She clears his doubts by answering the reason for saving Anurag from death.

She tells him that she wants a painful life for Anurag so that he begs her for forgiveness, after all he has ruined her life for no reason. She tells him that she is focussed on her revenge plan and nothing can deter her. He gets glad to know that she is the Prerna he knows. She confesses that she had told Komolika about her feelings for Anurag for the reason to make Komolika frustrated. She thinks her plan worked. Having said that, she discusses her business strategies with him. He is ready to support her always.

She makes a Bajaj city plan to announce soon. He tells her that he will be with her before the launch event. She looks forward to meet him. Mr. Bajaj apologizes to doubt her loyalty for a second. Later, Prerna takes Kuki home and introduces her family. Kuki feels blessed to have them. She always missed the love of a family. She feels Prerna has given her a big gift. Prerna finds Shivani behaving strange. She thinks to find the reason behind it. What is Shivani hiding from her? Keep reading.

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