Rishtey Pyaar Revenge mystery Varun meets Mishti

Rishtey Pyaar Revenge mystery Varun meets Mishti

Rishtey Pyaar Revenge mystery Varun meets Mishti 16th July 2020 The guy who happens to save Mishti from the speeding truck happens to be Varun, Ketki’s would be fiance. Abir doesn’t get enough thanking him, after all he has saved Mishti’s life. Mishti tries to come to senses while Abir converses with Varun. Varun yells at the truck driver for his negligent driving, which could have killed a person.

He tells that if a person dies in any family, the entire family gets ruined by the huge loss. He tells this since he has lost his brother in an accident, and then lost his family’s happiness. He doesn’t reveal the truth to Abir and Mishti, since they are strangers to him. He tells them that he is going to meet his would be fiancee, the marriage talks is going on. Abir and Mishti want him to rush. He shows Rajvansh Sadan to them. They get surprised and tell him that its their house.

They tell him that Ketki is Abir’s sister and they were actually waiting for Varun. Varun introduces himself, though his virtues got known to them. Varun tells them that he loves Ketki a lot and came before his parents just to give her a lovely surprise. Abir feels Ketki’s choice is nice, since Varun is a true person, who treasures family. He tells Varun that he has same thinking when it comes to protect family. Abir and Varun share mutual admiration. They head to home.

Mishti gets silent for a while. Back at Rajvansh house, Meenakshi condemns Kuhu for spiking Abir’s coffee. She acts as if she didn’t know the truth before. She wants Kuhu to realize her mistake and stop being after criticizing Mishti. She gets enough of the sisters’ fight. She explains that her family is suffering due to the differences between Kuhu and Mishti. She doesn’t want them to break Ketki and Varun’s alliance by their silly games. Kuhu doesn’t think she is at fault alone.

She tells Meenakshi that Mishti is also wrong, who took away Abir from them. She counts her efforts to run the house alone. Meenakshi reprimands Kuhu for arguing with her. She asks her to not make any mistake in front of Soni family. She tells them that if they make any mistake, Ketki’s alliance will break. Kuhu wants Ketki’s happiness. She assures that she will not upset anyone. Meenakshi threatens to postpone the marriage if Kuhu and Mishti refuse to obey her. Nidhi tells that she would explain them, but doesn’t want Ketki’s happiness to get delayed. The family drama goes on. Meenakshi summons Abir and Mishti home.

They arrive home, bringing Varun along. Varun meets them happily. He finds them upset. He cheers them up by his funny liners. Abir thinks he can keep Ketki smiling, that’s most important for him. Parul tells Varun that Abir loves his family a lot. Meenakshi wants Abir to live with them if he really loves them. Varun thanks everyone for a warm welcome. He tells that his parents are on the way.

Kuhu bonds with Varun. He tells them that he has saved Mishti from an accident. When everyone worries, he changes his words. Abir tells Meenakshi that he wants to keep Kuhu away from Mishti. Meenakshi doesn’t think Mishti is a little girl that he always runs to protect her. She tells that Mishti always handled Kuhu, since their childhood, she can still handle Kuhu. She asks Abir to act happy if he isn’t really happy for Ketki. She wants Varun’s family to be satisfied with them. Kuhu and Mishti help Ketki get ready. Kuhu initiates an argument once again, while Mishti apologizes to end it.

Ketki and Nidhi try to stop them. Nidhi really thinks that Kuhu and Mishti will ruin Ketki’s happiness. She warns Mishti to stop interfering. She asks her to leave and take some rest, since she claimed to be unwell. Mishti wants to be with Ketki. Kuhu explains Ketki that she is just interested in fashion, than having family drama dose every day. Mishti tells Kuhu that she didn’t have any intention to break Kuhu and Abir’s bond. Mishti goes away crying. Ketki feels bad for her.

She wants Nidhi to get not harsh on Mishti. Mishti feels guilty and apologizes to Meenakshi for keeping Abir from the family. She accepts that she is the reason for it. Meenakshi wants to know what is she hiding. She tries to dig into the matter, but Mishti gets numb. Abir reaches to save Mishti from Meenakshi’s questioning. Meenakshi realizes that Mishti is indeed the reason for Abir’s staying away. She wants to kick out Mishti from her house. The family welcomes Varun’s parents. Meenakshi asks Mishti to perform Varun’s aarti, but she loses her confidence on seeing the red colour.

Abir realizes Mishti’s phobia panicking her and gives her strength in a way that nobody doubts her. Mishti performs the aarti. Varun heads for the engagement function. Ketki arrives to surprise him. Varun’s mother tells them about her big loss. Nidhi reveals about the deadly accident in which Varun lost his brother. Mishti gets worried by connecting the talks with the accident committed by her. Abir consoles her. Mishti makes a mistake and spoils the engagement function. Varun gets hurt because of her.

The family gets a chance to make her feel guilty. Abir wants to stop Mishti from confessing anything. He suggests her to keep the secret to herself. Kuhu suspects Mishti and tends to find the secret. Mishti will soon learn that Varun is connected to her, since his brother died in the accident committed by her. Did Varun enter their lives for revenge? Keep reading.

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