Rishte Pyaar 20th July Huge revelation strikes Abir

Rishte Pyaar 20th July Huge revelation strikes Abir

Rishte Pyaar 20th July Huge revelation strikes Abir Abir gets emotional on seeing Mishti’s photo and recalls her wish to find the dead guy’s family. He gets into the task. He gains information about the guy. He wants to get the exact name of the dead guy. Mishti gets tensed when she sees red colour dress. Kuhu tries to befriend her on Meenakshi’s order. She wants to know what is Mishti hiding from them and why. Meenakshi keeps an eye on them, while Kuhu tries to extract the information form Mishti.

Meenakshi is much worried seeing Mishti’s strange behavior. Kuhu tells Mishti that she misses Kunal a lot and her frustration vents out on others. She apologizes to Mishti for hurting her sentiments. She tells that she wants to share her emotional lows with her. She asks Mishti to share something about her life. She asks her to confide the truth, why is she so upset and appears unwell all the time since she returned home.

She tells that she wants to help Mishti by solving the problem. She asks Mishti if she is avoiding her by being upset about her old mistakes. Mishti is helpless in her life. She doesn’t want to tell anything to Kuhu. She can’t break her promise to Abir. Meanwhile, Varun and his mum miss his brother Karan. They wish Karan was alive. Varun feels life has played a big joke by snatching Karan from them. He looks forward to bring happiness in the family. He wears Karan’s watch and remembers him. He thinks Rajvansh family is lucky to stay happy all the time. Varun arrives home when Mishti and Kuhu have a talk going on.

Varun intentionally drops the red colour on Mishti to scare her and trigger her guilt. Mishti recalls the accident. Varun reminds her how she had killed his brother. He wants her to remember that night and confess the crime she had committed. Mishti loses her mind. She runs away, behaving terrified. This makes Kuhu wonder what’s happening to Mishti. Meenakshi gets speechless by Mishti’s shocking behavior. She apologizes to Varun.

Furthermore, Abir reaches home and learns the incident. Varun tells him that Mishti ran away on seeing the red colour, but he just intended to have fun with Ketki. Abir also rushes to see if Mishti is fine, if Kuhu is asking anything again. He finds Kuhu questioning Mishti. He stops Kuhu in a funny way, but she takes it otherwise. Kuhu gets upset that he is always taunting her about the past mistakes and thinks she is an evil scheming woman. Abir asks her to be away from Mishti and not make any dramatic story of Mishti’s behavior.

He sends Kuhu away. He speaks to Mishti to comfort her. Mishti thinks she has shocked the family again by panicking that way. Meenakshi seriously thinks that Mishti is doing the drama to leave the family and get away, she doesn’t want to live with them and wants to snatch Abir. Kuhu also feels that Mishti is doing this to upset them and spoiling all the functions at home.

Meenakshi and Kuhu get angered on Mishti, while Parul explains them that Mishti and Abir will never leave the house. Meenakshi doesn’t want Abir to go. She is determined to defeat Mishti in such a goal. Abir prays for Mishti’s recovery from the trauma. He doesn’t want to lose her. Mishti finds him struggling for her. She promises that she will not let their love lose. She shares a moment of hope with Abir. Abir gets hopeful that she learnt to fight with her fears. Parul meets Abir and asks his decision, if he wants to leave the family and go away with Mishti. She asks the reason for Mishti’s strange behavior.

Abir lies to her about Mishti. He tells that Mishti wants to live with them and even he wants to be with his family. He assures Parul that he won’t go anywhere. Parul thinks to plan a surprise for Mishti. Abir gets a shocking note from an unknown person, who claims to know Mishti’s secret. He realizes that someone knows Mishti’s secret of that night and is blackmailing her. He wants to know who had dropped the letter. He gets alert. Kuhu finds Mishti disturbed again. She tries hard to get the secret out.

She tells that she will become Mishti’s friend only if Mishti shares her secrets. Mishti doesn’t pay attention to her. She calls Varun home and apologizes to him. Varun tells that he didn’t know her fear towards the red colour. Abir doesn’t want anyone to make an opinion about Mishti’s fears. He denies the fact that Mishti gets scared on seeing the red colour. Meenakshi leaves Abir fuming by her taunts, since he has failed to become a good son while becoming a good husband. Mishti identifies the guy’s watch, worn by Varun.

Abir realizes the truth that the guy was Varun’s brother. He thinks of the complications that would arise if the truth comes out. He doesn’t want Varun to break his marriage with Ketki. What will Abir do to protect Mishti and Ketki’s happiness? Keep reading.

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