Kumkum Bhagya Love drama dragged 20th July 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Love drama dragged 20th July 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Love drama dragged 20th July 2020 Pragya and Abhi have a love moment, that gets missed at the end. She meets Vikram, who tells her that Abhi had gone to help Aaliya, since his car isn’t getting property locked. Pragya tells Vikram that she thought of Mr. Mehra’s coming. Vikram tells that Abhi is coming. Pragya tells that she had stayed on his request. Vikram tells that Abhi is equally eager to meet her. Abhi tells Aaliya that just he can handle his car.

He locks the door, but the faulty mechanism leaves him troubled. Pragya misses to see Abhi’s picture due to Sarita’s call. Sarita wants to find her medicines. She feels unwell, since she doesn’t get the medicines on time. Pragya tells Sarita that she is coming soon. She tells Kohlis that she has to leave for Sarita’s sake. She leaves the house, before Abhi could fix the car issue.

Abhi finds her leaving and fails to see her face. He regrets that she couldn’t meet her. Sarita learns that Pragya left for her sake. She thinks Pragya should have waited for Abhi. She speaks to Abhi, when he asks for Prachi’s mom. Sarita apologizes to her. She tells that Prachi’s mom wanted to meet, but she was worried for her health. Abhi tells that she should stay fine for his sake, since they have to go on their date. Sarita asks him to fix the date. She tells that he should meet Prachi’s mom. He promises her.

The family gets happy that he has come home. Sarita tells that she will prepare for Abhi and Pragya’s meet. Abhi laughs on her funny talks. He tells that he likes red colour. Sarita tells that red colour is a sign of love. Abhi finds her funny. Prachi tells that her mom worries when Sarita gets unwell. Abhi tells that Sarita is fine and planning to make him meet her mom. Prachi tells Ranbir that she will make a leave. Maya and her family arrive there and spoils the moment. Dushyant makes an apology to Kohlis.

He tells them that Maya loves Ranbir and wants to marry her. He doesn’t think they should punish Maya for his mistake. Chobey also comes up with an apology for Maya’s sake. Dushyant asks them to accept Maya as the Bahu. Maya’s family defends her. Dushyant begs them for Maya’s happiness. Pallavi tells that she won’t let the marriage happen. Maya’s mum threatens Pallavi that Dushyant’s men will burn the house and kill them in a moment, while the police will take it as a fire breakout case.

She wants Pallavi to take her word seriously. Pallavi gets helpless by her fear of losing the family. She tells that Maya and Ranbir will get married. Her decision shocks the family. Maya thanks Pallavi for accepting her. Chobey wants them to decide a date for marriage. Maya’s mum asks Pallavi to come for shopping. Pallavi invites Prachi for the shopping. Pallavi wants to convey the truth to Dida. They reach the shopping mall. Dida questions Pallavi about agreeing to accept Maya.

Pallavi tells Dida, Ranbir and Prachi that she has taken this move to save them from Dushyant, who threatened to kill them. Prachi asks what was Dushyant going to do. Pallavi tells that he was going to burn then alive. He doesn’t want any threat on the family. Dida scolds Ranbir for being so handsome that girls fall for him. Ranbir tells them that Maya should spare him, only then his family will spare him. Ranbir tells Prachi that he is again in a new mess, Maya’s chapter isn’t ending.

Prachi tells Ranbir that they will continue the love drama until Maya leaves his life. He asks if she will love him always. She doesn’t understand. Chobey feels at peace that Kohlis are not troubling. He recalls that a mall staff had misbehaved with Maya before. He asks his guards to catch the girl and kill her. Dushyant meets Aaliya to confront her. He wants to know why did she instigate Maya for suicide.

Aaliya asks him not to involve her in his family matters, since he is getting related to Kohlis. She tells that she isn’t from Kohli family, she is from Mehra family and won’t listen to his threatening words. She wants him to get lost and not pose problems for her. Ranbir and Prachi continue their drama to make Maya jealous and change her mind. Maya gets angry at them. Maya snatches Ranbir from her.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kumkum Bhagya Love drama dragged 20th July 2020: 4/5
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