YRKKH Today 20th July 2020 Sita blasts blames at Kartik

YRKKH Today 20th July 2020 Sita blasts blames at Kartik

YRKKH Today 20th July 2020 Sita blasts blames at Kartik Kartik and Naira get some time to spend when the entire family accompanies Dadi to meet Guru ji at the ashram. Dadi thinks she will be finding some solution on meeting Guru ji. The family tries to find the solution to get funds for the business. They feel relaxed after a long time. Kartik doesn’t want her to take stress about Sita Devi. They have a romantic moment. Sita wants to meet Goenkas and reveal about Kartik and Tina’s affair.

Kartik admires Naira while prepares his favorite kachoris. Sita thinks Naira deserves to know the truth. She finds Kartik romancing Tina. She gets too disturbed and shouts at them. She feels Naira is her replica and the same thing which happened with her is happening with Naira. Even Sita’s husband cheated her, and she feels Kartik is doing the same with Naira. She doesn’t want Naira to take advantage of Naira’s innocence. Sita pities Naira for believing Kartik so much and getting deceived in return.

She wants to expose Kartik and Tina’s love affair to Naira and get them punished. Kartik wonders why is Sita reacting like this. Manish and Akhilesh try hard to get help for the business. They face more trouble because of the clients threatening to cancel the contracts. Naira tells Sita that she has some work and will go. Sita asks her to not move until Naira comes back home. Sita tells them that she wants to talk to Goenkas when Naira comes with them. Sita doesn’t tell them her agenda before anyone comes.

Naira wants to rush out so that she can become herself and meet Sita. She falls down and gets hurt. Kartik worries for her, which makes Sita realize that he has feelings for Tina. She doesn’t think its right. Goenkas arrive home and find Sita arguing with Kartik. They want to know the matter. They find Naira hurt and fake an argument with her. Sita breaks her silence, when Kartik goes away with Naira. She tells Goenkas that she will not have any business terms with them, she will not give any loan to them and support their sinking business, since their family values aren’t good.

She taunts on Kartik’s ill character and reveals that he is having an affair with Naira’s sister Tina. She calls it illegitimate and also produces the proof of it. She tells them that she didn’t know Kartik’s character is so bad. Kartik cares for Naira’s injury. He rushes to the family and learns about Sita’s accusation. Kartik’s family knows that Kartik is very loyal to Naira and its Naira pretending to be Tina. They can’t tell the truth to Sita. They support Kartik, who is much devoted to his wife. Sita tells them that she has seen Kartik and Tina close and knows that they are cheating Naira.

She doesn’t believe Goenkas, who support Kartik and Naira too. Dadi invites Sita for the Sawan milni function, but Sita refuses to her. Sita doesn’t want to meet the Goenkas again, finding them fake and selfish. She thinks they are pleasing her just to get the loan passed. She doesn’t want them to take advantage of her innocence either. She confronts Kartik and asks him to accept his affair. Kartik doesn’t accept, and also his family denies the blames. Kartik talks with much respect to sort the matter, but Sita doesn’t want to listen to him. She counts his upbringing and poor family values, which makes him tempered.

Kartik and Sita’s argument results in Sita’s breaking off their possible dealing. Sita doesn’t listen to Dadi and Manish. She ends their meeting and gets away. Naira learns the matter and worries for Goenkas. She also wants help for the family’s workers. She tells them that they had been doing everything for the people who are dependent on her. Kartik regrets on knowing the business is in trouble since the clients are cancelling the big contracts. Manish fears that they will soon get bankrupt. He feels bad to fail Dadi’s expectations.

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