Shakti Virat breaks marriage with Heer 21st July 2020

Shakti Virat breaks marriage with Heer 21st July 2020

Shakti Virat breaks marriage with Heer 21st July 2020 Heer and Preeto share an emotional moment. Mahi also gets emotional on seeing her daughter in the bridal attire. She wishes the world’s happiness for Heer. She recalls that she used to hate Heer after her birth. She compliments Heer. She blesses Heer by all her heart and tells that Heer looks like a lovely doll, very much unique in the bridal attire.

She asks Preeto to welcome the groom by doing the aarti. She feels just Preeto deserves this right. Heer’s stunning look surprises everyone. Those who know her truth that she is a kinner get upset on seeing her. Harak tells them that everything is ready, they shall welcome the baraat. Heer makes everyone emotional. The family waits for Virat. It gets too late. Harak worries when Virat doesn’t come.

Heer tells Soham that she will call Virat. Soham tells that Virat isn’t answering. Heer also tries to call and reach Virat. She gets puzzled when he doesn’t answer. She asks Soham if anything went wrong. Soham tells that even he has no idea. He goes to find out the matter. Heer stops Preeto and asks her if she has done something, if she scolded Virat and made him away. Preeto gets speechless.

She recalls that she had told the truth to Virat. She thinks Virat has changed his mind. Shanno asks if Virat doesn’t love Heer and was just acting in front of them. Heer tells them that Virat loves her and he never acted. She dances and passes time while looking at the door, waiting for Virat’s entry. She shows much hope in her eyes. Harak and Preeto understand that Virat won’t come now. They feel sorry for Heer, since she will be heartbroken. Heer’s patience also gives up. She fails to stop the guests from leaving.

She tells Mahi that Virat can’t break the promise, he will surely come. Mahi wants her to go to her room. Heer leaves the house. She madly runs on the roads and reaches Virat’s place. Preeto breaks down since she was afraid to see this day. Harak consoles her. She tells him that she knew that Virat won’t come, knowing Heer is a kinner. The family learns about Heer and Virat’s love story breaking down.

Rohan asks what’s happening, how do they know about Virat’s decision. Preeto tells them that Harak and she met Virat at the temple and broke the truth to him that Heer is really a kinner. The flashback shows Virat promising to marry Heer. Preeto begs him to not marry Heer. He tells that Heer misses Soumya a lot. Preeto reveals the truth that even Soumya is a kinner. Virat can’t believe the truth.

Preeto reveals Soumya’s journey to him. She asks him to ask his mum or anyone in the city, everyone knows that Soumya was a kinner. She tells that Harman married a kinner and loved her, Saaya cursed her that a kinner will be born in her house. She cries that Heer is a kinner, Heer is cursed by Saaya, despite the fact that she is Harman’s blood. She asks Virat to believe the truth. She asks Virat to talk to Parmeet and ask her about Soumya. Preeto tells Parmeet that she has done Heer’s Shuddikaran puja.

Parmeet tells that Heer stayed with Soumya in childhood, Soumya would never come back, Heer will never meet that kinner again. Virat realizes that Soumya was really a kinner. Preeto asks Virat to go to the hospital and find the truth. She tells that if he still loves Heer after knowing the truth, then he may bring the baraat, she is also ready to accept him for Heer.

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