YRKKH Surprising news for Goenkas 21st July 2020

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YRKKH Surprising news for Goenkas 21st July 2020 Goenkas get depressed that they couldn’t get the loan to save their company. They discuss the difficulties. Kartik and Naira realize that the house will get auctioned if they fail to find any investor. Kartik tells her that he is ready to do anything, he can convince the investor by falling in his feet. Naira asks him not to get so desperate.

Dadi can’t see her sons and grandson begging someone for money. She knows that their motive is to save the families of the workers by financial help. She is aware of their good intentions. She tells them that she is ready to give away her house, she will get it mortgaged and get the loan amount that can help the family. She asks Kartik to run the business well and not let it sink. Kartik tells Naira that he will save the family from disappointment. He has big hopes, but doesn’t seem to be meeting any commitments.

Naira feels sorry that even she is not able to help Goenkas. She doesn’t want to take help from Singhanias. Dadi asks Kartik and Naira to have the property papers and fix the problem. Suwarna asks them to be positive. Manish feels bad that he isn’t able to fulfill his duty. The family decides to celebrate Sawan milni on Dadi’s request. Dadi asks them to celebrate happily and make good memories, even if its their last day in the house.

She tells that before they vacate the house, they shall have their best times in the house. She requests them to have smiling faces and not talk of any upsetting matter. She shows much strength in dealing with the hardships. Naira feels Dadi is being a big support for them. The family gets decked up to celebrate the festive. They get an unexpected guest. Sita arrives with her son and surprises them. Kartik asks Sita why did she come when she doesn’t trust them.

Sita tells them that she trusts them and is sorry to misunderstand them. She feels that Kartik has been right to stick to his word and not change his stand even in the toughest moment. She feels that Kartik and Naira are truly in love, they are the best couple and loyal towards each other. She is impressed with the way how Kartik took a stand for himself and his character. She tells Goenkas that she has made the legal documents ready and will sign the deal. This news brings much joy for Goenkas.

They didn’t know that the auspicious day will get such happiness for them. Sita bonds with the family just for Naira’s sake. She is too impressed with Naira. She finds her reflection in Naira. She tells them that her life was much similar to Naira. She praises Naira for being an ideal woman. She tells Kartik that she will rectify her mistake by signing the deal. Kartik can’t thank her enough. Naira feels bad that she is cheating Sita. She gets close to get the truth exposed again, but Sita shows her trust on her.

Kartik and Naira didn’t wish to cheat Sita like this. Naira tells them that she will prepare for the Sawan milni. Naira finds Kundan strange, since they he seems to be fake. Kundan has evil intentions to get Sita’s property by harming her. He is an evil son, while Sita sings much praises of her son. She feels he is really a diamond as his name Kundan. She tells Goenkas that her life got complete because of Kundan.

The Goenkas think Kundan is a nice guy, being raised by her values. They behave nicely with Kundan, who gets up to some wicked plan. Goenkas and Naira spend time with Sita, who enjoys the family a lot. Kartik and Naira are thankful that everything got well. They wish that they don’t get disappointed again by any bad news. Naira asks Sita if she will forgive her on knowing her mistake. Sita tells that it will depend on the type of mistake. Naira feels guilty to cheat a noble lady like Sita by breaking her trust.

She makes up her mind to tell the truth to Sita once the deal is signed. Dadi finds Naira more mature than her Bahus. She likes the way Naira is handling everything. Kundan acts suspicious. Naira keeps an eye on him. Sita and Naira sing a bhajan together. They praise each other’s singing skills. Goenkas are happy to bond with Sita. Kundan plans to hurt Sita, while Kartik and Naira come forward to save her.

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