Anupama Preview First success Happy moments 27th July

Anupama Preview First success Happy moments 27th July

Anupama Preview First success Happy moments 27th July Vanraj and Anupama head to the school for her first day at work. Anupama gets too happy that he is going to drop her. She wants him to always be supportive. Vanraj gets helpless. Anupama gets ready in her simple look. She takes the blessings from elders. Anupama’s love for Vanraj makes Kavya insecure. Vanraj understands that Kavya’s mood is getting spoiled.

He makes an excuse and drops Anupama midway, asking her to hire an auto and reach the school. Kavya tells him that she can’t stand Anupama’s love for her, she is feeling insecure that he may also love Anupama again. She wants a commitment from him. She asks him to give a social acceptance, a name to their relationship.

She feels bad to hide their affair. She tells him that Anupama shall understand their relation when they break the truth to her. Anupama faces a difficulty and gets late to reach the school, only to face the principal, who warns her against handling the notorious school. Principal shows faith on her and hopes she lives up to her expectations. Anupama meets her class. She finds the students too mischievous, rebellious and energetic. She thinks to direct their energy into something positive.

She becomes a topic of fun for the students. She doesn’t lose confidence. She manages to attract their attention by donning a cool Anupama avatar. She sings and dances, getting them along like any filmi scene. The students accept her as their teacher and start learning in the cooking class. Anupama misses her children while being with the kids. On the other hand, her Baa finds hard to manage Meenu at home. She wants Anupama to quit the job and manage household chores. Anupama receives her first salary. She feels overjoyed and dreams of helping her mum’s treatment.

She returns hope with big dreams to tell the family about her salary and also the praise received from the principal. She gets to see the wrong balance created in the family because of her job. She worriedly tries to balance out the things. She shares the good news with Samar. Vanraj also gets an increment in his job. He comes home and shares the good news with the family. He doesn’t pay any attention to Anupama’s first salary cheque, as it doesn’t matter to him. He upsets Anupama again. What will Anupama do if her family opposes her job? Keep reading.

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