Kasautii Today Update Komolika lays a deadly trap

Kasautii Today Update Komolika lays a deadly trap

Kasautii Today Update Komolika lays a deadly trap 4th August 2020 Prerna bonds with Samidha and finds Sneha in her. She gets too emotional and happy when she spends time with the little girl. She thinks Sneha would be just like Samidha. She wishes that her daughter was alive. Samidha doesn’t want her to cry. She tells that she is an orphan, her Maasi is taking care of her right now. She appears positive and hopeful that one day she will meet her parents.

She tells that her mum would be just like Prerna and her dad would be just like Anurag, whom she met on the streets. She finds both of them selfless, loving and protective. Prerna tells her that she likes her and wants to spend time with her. She asks Samidha to stay with her until her Maasi finishes her work.

On the other hand, Kaushik finds Kuki interesting and shares his feelings with his brother. He tells that Kuki already knew his plans and still didn’t react, she is special. He wants to know more about her. He thinks to do something that she gets drawn towards him. He wants Kuki to like him. Mr. Bajaj suspects Komolika and tries to read her mind. He knows her cunning mind well. He is aware that she is up to some new conspiracy. He confronts her for her motive behind Ronit and Shivani’s marriage. She plays clever.

She tells Bajaj that she just wanted to become his relative, that gives her ultimate happiness. She tells that she has no such bad motive as he is expecting, she is just excited for her brother’s wedding. He tells her that if she isn’t seeing any benefit now, it means her plan is bigger. He knows that she can’t tolerate Prerna and its a big thing if she is accepting Shivani. He tries hard to get the truth out of her. She tells him that she can’t let him red her mind, he will not succeed in finding any expected thing, since she is unpredictable.

Komolika tells him that she just wishes the best for the couple. He doesn’t believe her. He wants to keep his promise to Prerna and find out Komolika’s real intentions. Shivani and Ronit recall the past of their ugly fights and enmity. Ronit wants her to remember the past, but she wants to just focus on the present. She doesn’t think the past matters to them now. Ronit still hates her and conceals his feelings.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna share a sweet moment. He understands that she is at peace on seeing her smiling face. He knows that Samidha is the reason for her smile. Prerna feels he knows her really well. He informs her about Komolika’s cunning replies to his questions. He tells her that he will surely dig iut the truth before Shivani’s marriage. Other side, Moloy gets regretful over Anurag’s life.

He tells Rakhi that Anurag loved Prerna a lot and decided to stay away from her for the sake of her betterment, he always makes such sacrifices. He cries that his son is living in pain to give happiness to loved ones. Rakhi doesn’t understand Anurag’s sacrifice. Moloy feels Anurag has a unique way of keeping relations. He wishes that Anurag finds happiness. Komolika meets Mohini and seeks her help in exacting revenge on Prerna. She tells that its time that they plan against Prerna. Mohini is ready to do anything to hurt Prerna, her biggest enemy.

She tells Komolika that she trusts her. Komolika gets glad to see supportive Mohini. Mohini creates a scene and stops Ronit’s engagement. Komolika and Mohini put Prerna in big trouble. Samidha gets caught in the fire accident. Prerna and Bajaj get together to save Samidha.

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