Rishte Pyar Abir shocked by Varun’s truth 7th August

Rishte Pyaar Abir shocking hurtful move 24th August

Rishte Pyar Abir shocked by Varun’s truth 7th August Meenakshi wants Ketki’s marriage to happen well. She is grateful to Mishti for agreeing for conducting the function. She tells that Ketki’s marriage shouldn’t break, since she is pregnant. Mishti assures that everything will be fine. Varun’s family gets a good welcome. Meenakshi praises her Bahus Mishti and Kuhu. Nirmala hurries up for the dolls marriage so that Mishti gets the red stained faces of the dolls and suffers a panic attack.

She thinks Mishti will confess her crime. Mishti gets the dolls. Abir realizes that someone has used the red colour to scare Mishti. He runs and checks the dolls. He finds the weird red faces. He thinks Mishti will get nervous on seeing this. He wonders if Kuhu did this with the dolls. He wishes to get help. Kunal calls him. Abir makes a plan of his dramatic filmi entry. Kunal makes a a grand entry and surprises everyone. Abir tells everyone that Kunal is the special celebrity who had brought much happiness in the family.

Abir seeks Parul’s help. He cleans the dolls. He gets the dolls in time. Mishti and Kuhu conduct the dolls marriage. Everyone likes it. Nirmala and Varun lose their temper that Abir has handled it well and Mishti is happy. They think how can Mishti forget that she killed a person. They want Mishti to get punished. Varun tells Nirmala that he will not spare Mishti. Mishti and Abir have a cute romance moment. Abir finds Varun upset and goes to ask him.

Nirmala tells him that Varun doesn’t believe Karan’s accidental death, but thinks it was a murder. She tells that he isn’t ready to shut the case. Abir asks Varun to move on with Ketki and think of his coming child. Varun agrees to shut the case and forget it. Nirmala tells Varun that Abir will be relieved and make some mistake. She wants to plan something to make Mishti admit her crime. Kuhu complains about Mishti to Kunal. Kunal doesn’t think she can change ever. He asks her to call Abir and Mishti for dinner. He tells that he wants to talk to his brother.

Moreover, Abir informs Mishti that Varun decided to withdraw the case and now they are free from fear. Mishti gets glad, but feels guilty. Abir tells Kunal about Kuhu’s mistake. He gets upset. Kunal offers him support. Abir senses an intruder in the house. He wants to find out who is it. He suspects that someone is scaring Mishti by using Karan’s mask. Abir runs to catch Varun. He finally gets to unmask Varun and see his reality. Abir is shell shocked to know his truth. Will Varun accept that he did everything to get Mishti punished? Keep reading.

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