Ishq SubhanAllah Zee5 Zara identity tested 11th August

Ishq SubhanAllah New challenge for Zara 26th August

Ishq SubhanAllah Zee5 Zara identity tested 11th August Zara and Salma have a moment of union. Zara cares for Salma and breaks down into tears. Irfan tells Zara that nothing is important than being with family. He asks her to accept that she is Zara. He tells that Salma didn’t faint down, she is in peace after two years, she will be fine. Kabir teases Zara and acts to cry like her. He jokes to make her laugh. Irfan asks him not to pull Zara’s leg. He also acts like Zara. They try to cheer her up.

Zara tells them that she has fulfilled her promise, Salma had come to her on her own by listening to her music. She asks Kabir to see the effect of her music therapy. She still maintains that she is Nargis, not Zara. Kabir wants her to break the shell. He asks her why did she break down into tears, why couldn’t control her emotions. He asks Zara why didn’t she tell this to Salma if she could easily do that. Irfan gets upset.

Zara tells that she isn’t heartless to hurt someone. She tells that she wants to give peace to Salma, she will be Zara for Salma, but she isn’t Zara for real. She hides her sorrow. Ruksar tells Zeenat about the plan to get Zara killed. She reveals that she will be exposing the truth of Zara’s lookalike. Irfan worries that Salma will get hyper on meeting Zara. He fears that her health may degrade. He understands that Zara is also restless, trying to go away from them for a reason. He wants to know her hidden motives.

Kabir tells that Zara has changed in the past two years, they shall find out what happened with her, Zara isn’t bold and brave like before, who used to take a stand for herself all the time. He reveals about Nargis’ Ammijaan who means a world to Zara. Kabir tells that Zara isn’t able to call Salma her mum because of that Ustani. Irfan feels sad. Kabir asks him to keep hope, he has a cure for it. Zara talks to that lady. Kabir and Irfan walk in and try to know the truth. Kabir asks Zara to leave from the house, she can’t be Zara, she isn’t forced to stay with her parents.

He calls her a fraud. He tells Irfan that he will throw out Zara. He tests Zara so that she remembers who she actually is. Zara refuses to go without treating her patient. He wants her to stop her madness and go. Zara asks him not to hold her hand. Irfan asks Kabir not to let Zara go, what will he answer Salma when she gets conscious. Kabir tells that Salma isn’t a weak woman, she can manage herself. He doesn’t want Zara to play with Salma’s feelings. He pays her fees. Zara tells that he can’t insult her musical healing therapy. He tells that he has no faith in her mad therapy. Salma stops Zara from leaving.

Kabir apologizes to Salma for getting a fraud home. Salma asks Kabir to get away from Zara. She supports Zara. She tells that she will find out if Zara is her daughter. Kabir works out his plan. Zara asks Salma to take rest. Salma tells that Zara doesn’t need to prove anything, since her heart says so. She tells them about Zara’s childhood scar. Irfan also remembers about the scar. Kabir also remembers to have seen that scar on Zara’s hand. Kabir asks Nargis to clear Salma’s doubt and leave. Zara asks Kabir to go out. Kabir and Irfan make a leave. Zara shows her hand to Salma. Salma gets a shock to see that Zara doesn’t have any scar. She realizes that Zara is Nargis.

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