Ishq Mein Marjawa 19th August Vansh to catch Kabir

Ishq Mein Marjawa Colors Vansh buries Riddhima 4th Sept

Ishq Mein Marjawa 19th August Vansh to catch Kabir Riddhima finds a way to meet Kabir. She pleases Dadi by informing her that she has kept Teej fast for Vansh and needs to perform the Teej puja as well. Dadi gets impressed by her. She tells that the women used to keep the fast, they used to sing, dance and make sweets, they used to visit the temple and complete the fast. She gives the shagun to Riddhima.

She tells that its her first Teej, she should celebrate it well. She wishes her good luck. She blesses that Riddhima finishes the work well for which she is going. Riddhima thanks her. She feels she really needs the good luck to meet Kabir and finish her work. She wants to return to her old world and stay happy with Kabir. She feels she is caged by Vansh.

Vansh thinks she is an interesting puzzle, he will soon solve her. He keeps an eye on her to know who is her secret friend. Riddhima goes to the tree outside the house to do the Teej rituals. Vansh spies on her. Kabir meets Riddhima and gets emotional seeing Vansh’s sindoor in her hairline. They get behind the huge tree. Vansh fails to see Kabir. Kabir gets upset. He asks her why did she call him, if there is anything important.


Riddhima informs Kabir about Ragini, Vansh’s ex-fiancee, whom he had murdered. She appears in front of Vansh to trick her. Riddhima suspects that someone is hiding behind the tree. Kabir asks Riddhima to find a proof against Vansh. He tells that they have prove Vansh’s crime of murdering Ragini to send him to jail. Vansh leaves from the house to reach Riddhima. Kabir asks her to spy on Vansh. Vansh comes to Riddhima and stops her. He asks her what did she see behind the tree that she took much time to complete a round. He tells that he doubts her, he is stubborn to clear the doubt. He goes behind the tree to check for her friend. Kabir makes a leave before Vansh catches him. Riddhima gets saved again.

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