Kasautii Samidha plays cupid for AnuPre 20th August

Kasautii Star Plus Sneha identity reveals 25th August

Kasautii Samidha plays cupid for AnuPre 20th August Anurag and Prerna have a common connection, that’s Samidha. Samidha reminds them of their lost daughter Sneha. They often get back to the memory lanes and recollect their good moments with their baby. Anurag learns that Samidha is an orphan and feels sorry for her. He wishes that she soon finds her parents. He misses Sneha a lot and hugs Samidha. Samidha finds him a genuine person like Prerna. Anurag gets too emotional, but controls his emotions on seeing Komolika. He doesn’t want Komolika to know about Sneha. He thinks Sneha is alive.

Prerna gets an urgent call from Shivani, who asks her to find her lost engagement ring. She sings praises of Ronit, who had kept the ring safely for seven years waiting for her nod for marriage. Prerna pacifies her and finds the ring. Shivani gets grateful. Prerna wishes Shivani’s happiness to always stay the same. Shivani asks her to dance in the Sangeet. Moloy meets his old friend, who is a detective by profession.

He tells that he wants to find the truth behind Anurag’s attempt to kill Prerna. He tells that Anurag isn’t one to commit a crime, there is a hidden story behind. He wants to know the truth soon. His friend assures to find the details. Meanwhile, Kaushik learns that Kuki is least interested in him. Anushka tells Kuki that Kaushik has fallen in love with Kuki. Kaushik wants to know Kuki’s reply.

Kuki doesn’t think he may get serious about someone. She tells Anushka that Kaushik doesn’t even deserve her friendship. This breaks his heart. He fears her reaction when she knows that he is the one who leaked the exam question papers from her mobile. He doesn’t want to face Kuki’s hatred. He turns upset and tells Moloy that he wants to go home. Moloy finds him acting kiddish and asks him to stay till the Sangeet ends. Nivedita tries to connect to Mr. Bajaj. She gets mistaken that he is interested in her.

She tells Mohini that she has dressed up as per Mr. Bajaj’s likes. He doesn’t even see her. He stays busy with Prerna. He finds Prerna really happy. Prerna tells him that Samidha is the reason for her joy, she is the one who brought new hopes in her life. Mr. Bajaj just wishes her happiness, no matter who becomes the reason for it. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj are asked to perform in the Sangeet. When he gets hesitant, Prerna convinces him. They prove their togetherness by the dance performance which grows Anurag jealous.

Komolika wants to prove her love for Anurag as well. She tells him that they shall pretend in love to show the world. Anurag doesn’t listen to her and gets rid of her by making an excuse. Anurag misses Prerna in his life. Samidha becomes a cupid for them and brings them together for the dance performance. Samidha dances with them. They appear like a happy family. Prerna wishes that she spent her life with Anurag and their daughter Sneha.

Anurag too gets the same wish on his mind. They think Samidha has filled Sneha’s place. Komolika wants Mr. Bajaj to keep Prerna away from Anurag, else they may unite soon. Mr. Bajaj isn’t insecure like her. He tells that he always trusts Prerna and knows that she will never return to Anurag. She finds Mr. Bajaj madly in love with Prerna, that he isn’t able to see the truth. He asks her to control her suspicion.

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