Anupama Vanraj declares Paritosh dead 25th August 2020

Anupama Vanraj declares Paritosh dead 25th August 2020

Anupama Vanraj declares Paritosh dead 25th August 2020 Anupama is much worried for her son. She doesn’t get sleep, being tensed thinking of Paritosh. Same way, Vanraj is eager to know about Paritosh’s whereabouts. He is worried thiking Paritosh would be not finding a shelter to spend the night. He wants Paritosh to come back home rather than seeking help from any friend.

He doesn’t know that Paritosh has gone to live with Kinjal and her family at Dave mansion. Vanraj stays awake and cries, thinking of Paritosh. He hides his tears from the family. Anupama knows his pain. She wants Paritosh to understand his father’s love and come back. Vanraj makes work excuse to stay awake and sit in the living room, keeping an eye at the door, waiting for his son’s return. Anupama also makes excuse of her kitchen work and stays near the house’s main entrance. Samar finds them waiting for Paritosh.

He wishes that Paritosh could see their love. He tries to call Paritosh, but fails to get through. Paritosh reaches home and is equally sorrowful. He wishes to go in and meet his family. He gets back by recollecting Vanraj’s anger. He gets into a dilemma, but someone comes before he could decide to enter the house. Paritosh leaves from there, when Vanraj goes out in search of him. Vanraj and Anupama fail to find him.

Their wait gets long and their hopes begin to break. Vanraj goes to his room and tries to sleep. Anupama gets a nightmare, where the police comes home to inform the family about Paritosh’s deadly accident. She can’t tolerate the nightmare, and shouts out in pain. She prays that her son lives long and happy. She doesn’t want such negative thoughts to come into her mind. She wishes that Paritosh is fine, wherever he is. She cries for Paritosh by waiting at the door for more hours. She spends time in Paritosh’s room, and finds Pakhi there.

Samar understands Anupama’s deep sorrow and hugs her. He realizes that she is terrified by the nightmare. He consoles her. Anupama doesn’t want to lose her faith. She takes care of the family and expects Paritosh to return home. Vanraj stays sorrowful and doesn’t speak to anyone. Baa is much upset seeing the family breaking, but doesn’t lose faith. Anupama seeks Baa’s guidance in her life’s tough phase. She is ready to do any puja to get Paritosh home.

Baa narrates Kanha and Narad’s story to her to explain that faith is everything, faith can change their fate. Anupama gets her hopes revived after hearing the story. She gets hopeful that Paritosh comes back and goes to prepare food for him. She tells that she has much faith that her son will not forget his parents. Rakhi arrives to break her hopes again. She reveals to Vanraj that Paritosh has agreed to marry Kinjal and become a Ghar jamai, he will be living with Dave family all his life. Vanraj and Anupama are super shocked to know this news.

Vanraj gets too disappointed and declares Paritosh dead for the family. Vanraj doesn’t want a son, who can’t keep his parents’ respect. Rakhi gets glad to break their family. Anupama decides to get Paritosh back from Rakhi’s place.

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Anupama Vanraj declares Paritosh dead 25th August 2020


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