Rishtey Pyar Meenakshi shocked by Abir’s revelation

Yeh Rishte 25th September Kuhu threatens Meenakshi

Rishtey Pyar Meenakshi shocked by Abir’s revelation Abir is much hurt by Meenakshi’s words. Meenakshi gets an invitation from Rajshri for the Ganpati puja. She accepts the invite and also informs Abir. She taunts him for always favoring Rajshri more than his mother. Abir wants her to stay happy if everything got fine. He thinks she always creates a scene. He tells Mishti that his mum is never happy. Mishti cheers him up by letting him know that she is considering his request of having a baby. Abir gets glad.

Mishti plans a romantic surprise for Abir. Mishti surprises Abir with her answer. She tells him that she also wants a baby in their lives, with whom they can share their love. She asks him to always be with her. She is sure that the baby will make their relation even more stronger. Abir gets on cloud nine with her consent. Abir and Mishti romance while the family is away for the celebrations.

Moreover, Maheshwaris and Rajvanshs gather at the Maheshwari house to welcome the Ganpati. They have big celebrations going on. Abir and Kunal are given the chance to place the idol. Mishti and Kuhu get kiddish and happy seeing the sweets. They want to have the special sweets. Rajshri feels they are really kiddish. She asks Abir if Mishti has agreed for starting a family. Abir tells Rajshri that Mishti is ready.

Rajshri wishes him all the best. Nidhi overhears them and gets mistaken that Mishti is pregnant. Jasmeet and Varsha explain Kuhu that Kunal is Parul’s son and his child will not gain a special place in Rajvansh family. They ask Kuhu to plan a baby before Mishti does, so that the first baby of the family gets much love. They want Kuhu’s baby to become favorite of all. Kuhu doesn’t want the baby soon. She asks them not to force her about the baby’s plan. She doesn’t feel insecure about Kunal and Abir’s family lineage difference.

Abir gets a shocking doctor from the doctor. He learns about her internal injuries. He is shaken up knowing she can never conceive. He thinks its unfair on Mishti and him. He doesn’t know how to inform Mishti. He regrets the truth. The family performs the puja. Abir stays worried. Abir and Mishti help Kuhu and save her. Kuhu promises to help them in future. He hides his tension and leaves the house. He thinks of talking to the doctor in detail. He angrily throws his phone. Kunal finds him upset. Abir lies about the NGO issue.

Kunal shows his faith on his brother. He feels Abir can solve any problem. Abir doesn’t thinks there is any solution for it. Kunal promises to help him find a solution. He can’t see his brother troubled. Nidhi declares the news of Mishti’s pregnancy to the family. The family is surprised and think its true. Mishti clears the misunderstanding. She admits that Abir and she are planning a baby. Abir gets speechless seeing her so hopeful. Meenakshi finds Abir worried. She asks him the matter. She doesn’t want him to hide anything from her.

She tells that she can help him if she knows the matter. Abir reveals about Mishti’s internal injuries and the zero chances of conceiving. He tells that Mishti can never bring a new life in their family. Meenakshi is shattered to know the truth. She shares her son’s sorrow. How will they find a solution to Mishti’s problem? Keep reading.

Rishtey Pyar Meenakshi shocked by Abir's revelation

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