Kasautii Quick Update Anurag recognizes his Sneha

Kasautii Quick Update Anurag recognizes his Sneha

Kasautii Quick Update Anurag recognizes his Sneha 29th August 2020 Kaushik learns that Kuki is leaving the college. He waits for her when she goes to meet the principal. She wants to leave the college. He wants her in the college, so that she stays in his life. He feels sorry to trap her in the paper leak scam.

Kuki tells him that principal didn’t sign on her leaving certificate, she has to complete the study in the college. She tells that she didn’t do anything wrong. She cries a lot. He cheers her up by his jokes. He tells that he believes she is innocent. She is thankful. They both miss each other after going home. They connect on the phone call. They start feeling for each other. Samidha meets Prerna. She tells that she doesn’t want Priyanka to stop them from meeting.

Prerna tells Priyanka that nothing will happen, the orphanage will not be demolished. She assures Samidha that she will not let anyone hurt her. She tells that she couldn’t save her daughter, but she will save her for sure. She feels Anurag has stooped so low and targeted the orphanage. She finds him disgusting. Nivedita is much troubled by Komolika’s cheap move. She asks Mohini to think of Komolika’s move, she has crossed all the limits this time, they can’t turn the kids homeless.

Mohini calms down Nivedita. She doesn’t want Nivedita to become target of Komolika. Komolika warns Nivedita. She tells that she can oust Nivedita in a moment. Mohini asks Nivedita to learn being silent, unless she is married to a rich guy and owns a house. Veena realizes that Prerna is happy when Samidha is with her. She knows Prerna’s feelings for Samidha. Prerna wants to confront Anurag. Prerna tells her that she will behave well with Komolika and Ronit, who would be Shivani’s family. She doesn’t want Veena to worry about anything.

Veena asks her to stay happy. She tells Prerna that Samidha is like Sneha. She also feels that Samidha is just like Anurag and her. Prerna gets emotional. Anurag meets Samidha, who tells him about his mother’s chunri. She reveals that she was wrapped in a chunri when she was left at the orphanage. Anurag recalls that he had handed over his baby to Chandrika at the orphanage. He connects to her and wonders if she is his daughter Sneha. He recalls the past and comes to a conclusion that she is Sneha. What will he do to protect his daughter from Komolika? Keep reading.

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