Zee TV Trailers Upcoming 2nd September 2020

Zee TV Trailers Upcoming 2nd September 2020

Zee TV Trailers Upcoming 2nd September 2020 Ishq SubhanAllah Zara is sure that Ruksar is behind Shahbaz’s condition. She informs Kabir that Ruksar has harmed Shahbaz to put the blame on her. She tells that Shahbaz isn’t suffering because of her musical healing procedure. Kabir tells her that Ruksar is in deep trouble if she has harmed his dad. He also warns Zara. He tells her that if her musical healing is responsible for Shahbaz’s ill state, then he will ban the musical healing centres across the country, not just their city. Zara wants to prove Ruksar’s crime to clear her name.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Rhea goes to give the cash to Sanju. She awaits Sanju, who is on the way from the police station. Rhea wants to go away as soon as she hands over the money. Ranbir and Abhi track Sanju’s address and reach his house to confront him. They make a plan to find out who is involved with Sanju. Abhi tells Ranbir that he will keep an eye on Sanjay. He asks Ranbir to enter the house and try to find out the hiding person. Rhea hides on seeing Ranbir. She fears of getting caught.

Kundali Bhagya:
Mahira gets hopeful and excited for her marriage when Bani promises her. Karan doesn’t want to forgive Preeta for the deceive. He knows that she wants to become his wife and live along. He wants to shatter her dreams. Mahira gets the support from the family. She looks forward to marry Karan. Preeta takes up Sarla’s advice. She gains strength to fight for her rights. She wants to protect Mahesh by going to Luthra house. Preeta makes an unpredictable entry in Luthra house. This time, she doesn’t want to lose out. She comes prepared to face the anger of Luthras and withstand all odds to serve her motives.


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