Anupama Vanraj expects a disaster 3rd September 2020

Anupama Vanraj expects a disaster 3rd September 2020

Anupama Vanraj expects a disaster 3rd September 2020 Paritosh falls down after Anupama beats him a lot. Samar takes him to the room and cares for him. Paritosh cries out his heart. He tells that he has always been the best son for his parents until he made a request to get his love Kinjal. He tells that he has never given a reason to complain to anyone, even then he has become a problem for everyone, just because he fell in love and wants to marry the girl of his choice.

He thinks its unfair to judge him if he loves someone and wants to decide for his life. Paritosh is much hurt emotionally. He didn’t mean to insult anyone, but lost control in drunken state. He tells Samar that the family didn’t like his wish to marry Kinjal and threw him out as if he didn’t do anything to please them since his childhood.

He recalls the incidents when his parents felt proud of him. Samar understands his concern. He tells Paritosh that their parents will surely sort his issue. Kinjal is also worried for Paritosh. Samar puts Paritosh to sleep. He calls up Kinjal and informs her about Paritosh’s return. He tells her that there had been a big drama at home and its better if she doesn’t come to see Paritosh. He requests her to never leave from Paritosh’s life, since he will be shattered.


Kinjal feels bad for pressurizing Paritosh. Anupama is much hurt after beating her son. She thinks she isn’t a good mother, she has hurt her son, who wasn’t wrong completely, he was heartbroken and the bitter words were his pain. She doesn’t understand how did she raise hand on her son. Sanjay asks her to just make a curd and spices paste to end Paritosh’s hangover before Vanraj comes. Anupama feels she has failed as a mother. She gets hurt being lost in thoughts. She wanted to become Paritosh’s support. She can’t forgive herself.

Sanjay tells her that she is a great mother, she has a right to get angry on her children. He wants her to calm herself and focus on dealing with the problem when Vanraj comes home. He tells that Vanraj will soon learn the problem, Vanraj may not forgive Paritosh. Baa isn’t ready to hide the matter, even when everyone requests her. She tells that Vanraj has a right to know his son’s mistake and rectify it. She thinks just Vanraj can get Paritosh into control. Anupama goes to take care of Paritosh. She doesn’t want him to ruin himself.

She can’t see him hurt. She tells him that she did wrong to hurt him. Samar knows her immense love for children. He explains her that Paritosh doesn’t want her promise, but actions, if not a solution, then at least a clarity on his alliance talks. He tells that Paritosh never got stubborn or demand anything from them, its the first time that he got adamant for his love.

He tells that they should fulfill his wish, else they may lose Paritosh. Anupama understands his point well. She tells him that she will talk to Vanraj. He tells her that Paritosh’s hopes shouldn’t break, Vanraj should take a step in favor of the alliance. Anupama is ready to bear Vanraj’s anger but save Paritosh’s life. She doesn’t want Paritosh to harm himself. Samar and Anupama get a huge shock on seeing the sleeping pills with Paritosh. Vanraj returns home and finds Baa worried. He suspects that something has occurred.

Consequently, he enquires it from Baa. Baa recounts the happenings when Paritosh came home drunk and insulted the family. Vanraj can’t tolerate on knowing this. He wants to control Paritosh. He angrily goes to confront him, but Anupama stops him to show the sleeping pills found with Paritosh. She wants Vanraj to handle Paritosh with love. Vanraj accuses her for mishandling the matter. He asks her to fix up things in a day’s time, if she wants the family to stay in peace.

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