Kumkum Bhagya Maya chapter begins again 3rd Sept

Kumkum Bhagya Maya chapter begins again 3rd Sept

Kumkum Bhagya Maya chapter begins again 3rd September 2020 Pragya gets a call from Abhi’s lawyer, and learns that Abhi and Ranbir have proved Prachi innocent. She learns that Prachi got a clean chit and is getting released. She heads to the police station. She informs Sarita that Prachi got a clean chit, she will be bringing Prachi home. She tells that Prachi will not face any such bad accusation again. Sarita asks her to stay happy and get Prachi home.

She wants Pragya to apologize to Abhi since she misunderstood her. Sarita shares the good news with Shahana. She wants to make Prachi’s favorite food. They happily dance. Abhi’s lawyer tells that Pragya scolded him a lot, without listening to him. He reveals that Pragya actually wanted to scold Abhi. Aaliya, Vikram and Pallavi reach the police station.

They learn that Prachi is getting released. Aaliya tells that Abhi and Ranbir have proved Prachi innocent, they have got an evidence in her favor. Pallavi is stressed to face Prachi. She wants to apologize to Prachi. Aaliya feels Sanju’s phone can be a big trouble. She doesn’t want Abhi and Pragya to meet. She wants to save herself from the mess. Abhi and Ranbir meet Aaliya at the police station. She tells that she got Vikram and Pallavi along.


Pallavi tells that she is glad that Ranbir proved Prachi innocent. Abhi asks Aaliya how did she know this when he didn’t inform her. She tells him that his lawyer had informed her. Prachi learns that Ranbir and Abhi proved her innocent and she is free now. She realizes her love for Ranbir. Prachi thanks Abhi. Abhi asks her to thank Ranbir for his genius plan. Aaliya wants their family drama to end. She fears that Pragya will meet the family.

Finally, Pragya reaches there. She feels happy. Aaliya misleads the lawyer and asks him to take Abhi to the office. Vikram and Pallavi apologize to Prachi. Abhi tells that he will drop Prachi home before going to office. Aaliya asks him to look after Sharma’s case. Abhi makes a leave before Pragya comes. Lawyer happens to see her, but doesn’t think to tell Abhi about her. Prachi learns that Sanju had planned the robbery.

Ranbir tells that Sanju was hired by some girl, but they don’t know her identity. He is sure to find out the truth soon. Pragya meets Prachi and hugs her. Aaliya hides from Pragya. Vikram and Pallavi apologize to Pragya. Pallavi requests Prachi not to break friendship with Ranbir. Rhea reaches the police station. She finds Prachi and Ranbir together. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir for her anger. Rhea cries that everything got fine for them. She wants her share of happiness. Vikram asks Prachi to join office. Prachi wants Pragya to decide.

Ranbir requests Pragya to forgive him and let Prachi continue the job. She accepts his request. Aaliya asks Rhea to just get Sanju’s phone from the inspector’s desk. She doesn’t want to get seen by Pragya. Rhea tells that she can’t steal the phone. Aaliya asks her to take Pragya aside so that she can exchange the phone. Rhea gets hurt.

Pragya attends her. Aaliya convinces the inspector to get Sanju’s phone. She tells that she can help him in the investigation, she knows Sanju and his circle as well. She cleverly exchanges the phone. She asks him to send the phone to forensics. She manages to destroy the evidence against her. After the robbery case, Ranbir faces the same trouble when Maya’s family meets Kohlis to fix the marriage day. Dushyant hurries with the marriage ceremony. He makes it clear that Prachi and her family aren’t invited. He doesn’t want to see them or any hindrance in the marriage. Prachi gets the same task of saving Ranbir from Maya’s family.

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