Shaadi Mubarak Tellyreviews Upcoming Preeti KT meet

Shaadi Mubarak Update 11th September Preeti's denial

Shaadi Mubarak Tellyreviews Upcoming Preeti KT meet Kusum turns into Preeti’s good friend surprisingly. She wants Preeti to decide for her happiness, than following anyone’s command politely. She wants Preeti to speak for herself, her wishes and dreams. She tries to give new wings to Preeti. She becomes a selfless friend for Preeti. She asks Preeti not to follow her instructions as if she works for her.

She instead wants Preeti to make wishes and get adamant, like she knows what she wants from her life. She tells Preeti that she should not always sacrifice her happiness. Kusum brings a smile on Preeti’s face. They start sharing their room. She asks Preeti to have a good sleep. Kusum wanted Preeti to save something for her future, so that she could live life as she likes. She makes Preeti realize that depending on Tarun was her life’s biggest mistake.


She tells that a mother should love children, but not give them a right to control her life. She is proud of Juhi, who got just the right teachings and values from Preeti. Kusum admires Preeti. On the other hand, KT gets his family’s support. His mum wants him to not fake happiness and share his sorrow. He tells her that his wife left him, he has accepted this truth, he is not ashamed to depend on his loving family. He tells that Chanda’s words didn’t break him. He tells how someone’s poetry has brought him back into the light from darkness.

He wants to start life afresh. He gets much positive because of Preeti. Preeti and Kusum start a new day together and go for buying some grocery. Preeti bargains with the vegetable stall vendor. Kusum records a video to make the vendor famous. She asks for more discounts. They have a laugh. They come across Rati. Their meeting gets awkward. Kusum doesn’t want Preeti to help Rati, who is egoistic and selfish. Kusum intervenes when Rati misbehaves with Preeti. She defends Preeti and wants her to avoid Rati.

Rati makes Preeti know the reality that the latter is staying in her daughter’s house. She tells that Preeti can’t stay there forever, Kusum will oust her soon. She asks Preeti why didn’t she adjust with Tarun and her. She tells that Juhi’s house isn’t Preeti’s house, it can never be. Preeti gets hurt. She wants to become independent. Kusum takes Preeti home. They both get happy to have a grand celebrations for mothers’ day. Sumedh and Juhi make them very happy and shower love. Sumedh asks the mothers to demand any gift. He is sure to fulfill their wish.

Kusum takes time to wisely ask for a gift. Preeti demands their support to make her achieve her self esteem. She wants to get on her feet and live freely, without burdening anyone. She decides to find a job and earn money. Juhi supports her, while Kusum is very happy seeing Preeti taking a stand for herself. Preeti comes in KT’s life again.

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