Kumkum Bhagya Tellyreviews 8th September 2020 Update

Kumkum Bhagya Tellyreviews 8th September 2020 Update

Kumkum Bhagya Tellyreviews 8th September 2020 Update Maya’s mum scolds Rhea for having a liking for Ranbir, just like Prachi. She feels both Prachi and Rhea like Ranbir and want to marry him. She doesn’t want to tolerate Rhea. Rhea warns her against hurting her. She tells her that she is Abhi’s daughter, she has come to cover up her mistake, she will break the marriage. She doesn’t want Maya’s mum to underestimate her. Maya’s mum gets worried.

Maya tells Ranbir that she wants to be with him. He tells her that Rahul told him the entire truth. She cries that he is spoiling her image. He asks her to stop the drama. She tells him that she knows that he wants to marry Prachi. She exclaims that everyone knows Prachi and his story, but none knows Rahul and her story. She tells that she will deny if anyone asks about Rahul. She tells him the truth that she has lied to Rahul that she will get the divorce soon.

She asks him to think of the society, how they will mock his family. She tells him that he is just of her. Ranbir realizes that Maya has decided to trap him completely. He calls up Prachi to take her help. Maya’s words worry him. She reveals the secret that Dushyant has threatened Prachi from coming to the wedding. She tells him that they can enjoy their married life, Prachi will never come back. Ranbir spots Prachi around.

Prachi hides from Maya. He looks for Prachi. He asks Aryan did he see Prachi. He tells that he has seen Prachi, he was confused when Maya revealed the secret. He adds that Maya isn’t going to divorce him. He feels his life will be finished. Rhea tells him that she will not accept defeat, she will not let him marry Maya. Ranbir tells her that she can’t get him out of the mess. He feels just Prachi can save him. A surprising performance brings happy moments for the families. Ranbir stays upset. Pallavi dances with Maya’s family.

Aryan asks if Pallavi has accepted Maya. Ranbir thinks she is just enjoying the Punjabi beats. Dushyant takes Ranbir for the dance. Prachi and Shahana take a disguise to reach Ranbir. Prachi meets Ranbir and surprises him. She tells him that she will stop his marriage. He gets too happy to find her. He asks her how did she come even when Dushyant threatened her. He feels lucky to have her. She tells him that she had to come to stop the marriage, she can’t see his marriage happening with anyone else, since she is his friend.

He expected her to confess love. She adds that she was worried for him, his life will be ruined if he marries Maya, he will never stay happy. Sarita joins them to help. She tells Ranbir about Dushyant coming home to threaten them. She didn’t tell anything to Pragya. Ranbir thanks her for the help. Aaliya tells Pallavi that they will soon find some way to stop the marriage, they should be strong-willed. Pallavi doesn’t want Ranbir and Maya to marry. Dushyant stops Prachi to question her. How will Prachi trick him? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya Tellyreviews 8th September 2020 Update

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