Anupama Tellyreviews Vanraj Kavya exposed finally

Anupama Update 21st September Anirudh blackmails Kavya

Anupama Tellyreviews Vanraj Kavya exposed finally Anupama and Vanraj are very happy for their son’s happiness. They get emotional to see Paritosh smiling heartily like before. That is all they wished for. Paritosh also feels bonded to them again. The entire family dances to celebrate the joy. Samar and Nandini have a moment, while Paritosh misses Kinjal in the celebrations.

Kavya feels a third person between Vanraj and Anupama. She is upset seeing Vanraj’s odd behavior in front of his family. Anupama involves Kavya in the performance. Kavya tries to impress Vanraj and stick around him. She wants to take Anupama’s place in his life. She is asked to click a family picture. She wants to become Vanraj’s family, for whom he can do anything.

She thinks if Vanraj can love her so much, he would become devoted to her once she marries him. She decides to break his marriage with Anupama. On the contrary, Anirudh is much happy to see his wedding pictures and misses Kavya. He thinks he is a big fool to wait for the right time. He wants ti disclose Vanraj and Kavya’s affair to Anupama so that Kavya gets compelled to come back to him. Anirudh gets determined.

The family wishes Bapu ji to return home. Bapu ji and Baa’s long fight ends when she requests him to come home. Bapu ji agrees for her sake. He also wants to become a part of Paritosh’s engagement celebrations. Bapu ji learns how Anupama has convinced Rakhi, which was a very tough job. He praises Anupama a lot. He tells Vanraj that Anupama is a treasure written in his fate, he should always value her.

Anupama feels shy. Vanraj knows Anupama’s qualities, but still loves Kavya. Samar tries to take his friendship ahead and offers help to Nandini. She prefers to avoid him. Paritosh stays on cloud nine planning for his engagement with Kinjal. Baa tells Vanraj that she already spoke to a pandit to get the date for engagement. Vanraj wants everything to go on smoothly. He is really happy because of Anupama’s efforts. A shocking twist occurs when Anirudh lands home.

Anirudh wasn’t expected by Kavya and Vanraj. He introduces himself as Kavya’s husband. The Shah family never met him before and just heard about him. Anirudh has come to make the shocking revelation. He begins to tell Anupama about the storm ruining her family. Vanraj warns him against revealing anything. Anirudh and Vanraj’s bitter argument begins, while Anupama supports her husband. Anirudh tells Anupama that Vanraj has been cheating on her, Vanraj and Kavya are having an affair and fooling them since years.

Anupama is moved by the truth. Anirudh adds that Vanraj is a cheap-minded man to have relations with two women in his life. He accuses Vanraj for snatching his wife Kavya. Kavya is left speechless, while Vanraj tries to deny the accusations in front of his family. Anirudh tells Anupama that he isn’t divorced to Kavya yet, Vanraj is making all the efforts to get the divorce formalities done.

He adds that Vanraj isn’t a true family man, he is like a dirt, who made his pure house dirty by his wrong doings. Anupama calls it enough and shows her faith on Vanraj. Anirudh doesn’t deter and continues to disclose Vanraj and Kavya’s secrets. Vanraj angrily bashes him up. Their ugly fights becomes a reason to ruin the house peace. Vanraj proves out his love for Anupama to get her into confidence. He informs Kavya about his love drama to save himself from the suspicion. Kavya threatens Vanraj to have his loyalty. Anupama suspects Vanraj seeing his changed behavior. Will Vanraj’s affair gets realized by Anupama? Keep reading.

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