Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Tellyreviews Meenakshi’s suicide

Yeh Rishte 25th September Kuhu threatens Meenakshi

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Tellyreviews Meenakshi’s suicide Meenakshi and Abir have a huge fight. She is against adoption. She doesn’t want to accept anyone’s child. She tells Abir that she wants own blood as the family heir. She wants Abir’s child. She hurts Abir and Kunal’s sentiments. Abir argues with her to protect Kunal from her harsh comments. He doesn’t want her to fall further. He tells her that Kunal is the best son for her, but she isn’t the best mother.

She tells him that she is doing everything to get her rights, its her right to get the family heir from her son Abir. She doesn’t want Abir to threaten her. She knows how to compel him. Abir refuses to remarry, while she refuses for adoption. Meenakshi lays examples of Kuhu, Mishti and Kunal, who are also adopted children. She tells them that some adopted children maybe blessing for the family, but some brings bad omen and curse the family.

She gets bitter towards Mishti and blames her for breaking the family. She feels the adopted child will also be unlucky like Mishti. She doesn’t want Abir to bring any random child and make him the heir of Rajvansh family. She calls it unacceptable. Kunal tries hard to explain her, but ends up getting hurt by her words. He asks her if she regards him a burden. Meenakshi doesn’t want to hurt him. Abir protects Kunal from the deep sorrow.


Kaushal also tries to explain Meenakshi that they have to understand Abir’s decision. Meenakshi tries to command them. Kuhu feels sorry for Kunal. Abir decides to leave the house. He apologizes to Kunal on Meenakshi’s behalf. Abir wants Mishti to decide about adoption. Mishti isn’t against adoption but doesn’t want the baby to face Meenakshi’s hatred. She tells that Meenakshi will make the baby realize that he is adopted, which won’t be good with passing years. She explains that no child deserves such a criticism.

She tells Abir that they should not consider adoption unless they convince Meenakshi. Abir understands her point. He regrets that Meenakhi has influenced Mishti to change her decision. He feels his mum is really selfish and manipulates everyone easily. He makes Mishti speak to her family so that they get relieved seeing her fine. Mishti promises Maheshwaris that she will never leave the house and go away from them.

Abir plans to meet Maheshwaris and take their advice about adoption. On the other side, Kunal sinks in sorrow. Kuhu realizes his feelings. He asks her about her take on adoption. Kuhu tells him how easily Maheshwaris explained her that she is adopted. She is happy to get Maheshwari family, who always gave her much love. Kunal wishes Meenakshi was also like Maheshwaris. Kuhu instils faith and confidence in him. She asks him to take a stand for Abir. She tells him that its time he shows to the family what he is capable of.

She advises him to become like Abir and handle the situation strongly. Kunal thanks her for encouraging him. He feels motivated to face Meenakshi and sort out the issues. He doesn’t want Abir to leave the house. He wishes to bridge the gap between Meenakshi and Abir. Kuhu tells him that he will succeed. He goes to meet Meenakshi, when she expects Abir to come. He explains her that she should find some other way to get Abir’s baby than getting him remarried. He is sure that Abir will never leave Mishti, he will never marry someone else, he will instead leave the house.

He asks her to not be stubborn and change her decision. She is clear that she will not accept any random child as the family heir. He motivates her to crack the problem. He tells her that she can solve any big problem. She gets hopeful. He asks her to stop Abir from leaving the family. Meenakshi thinks of the other options to get Abir’s child into the world. Abir seeks Vishwamber’s help in explaining Mishti that adoption isn’t a bad option. Abir and Mishti visit Maheshwaris. Mishti feels ignored and confronts Maheshwaris for their behavior.

Maheshwaris come up with a drama so that Mishti agrees for adoption. Meenakshi suggests surrogacy as an option for Abir and Mishti to become parents. Abir doesn’t agree with her idea. She explains them that the child will be of Abir and Mishti, but someone else will carry the child for nine months. Abir isn’t convinced. He finds adoption a simple idea. Meenakshi plays the same suicide drama again to convince Abir for surrogacy.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Tellyreviews Meenakshi’s suicide: 3/5
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