Kundali Bhagya Update 11th September 2020 Upcoming

Kundali Bhagya Update 11th September 2020 Upcoming

Kundali Bhagya Update 11th September 2020 Upcoming Sarla wants Preeta to make a new start with Karan. She is happy that Preeta finally made a place for herself in Karan’s family. She regrets that she couldn’t send away Preeta with much love. She inspires Preeta to change Karan’s mindset. Preeta tells her that Karan misunderstands her, he has accepted her as his wife just to take revenge. She tells Sarla that she has not hurt anyone, but he accuses her for Mahesh’s condition.

Sarla convinces her to explain Karan the truth. She feels Mahira and Sherlyn have provoked Karan to doubt her. Preeta tells that Karan has accused her for sending him the legal notice for alimony. Sarla tells that Sherlyn would have manipulated him a lot. She finds Karan a good person. She tells that Karan isn’t bad at heart, he is just believing his family. She asks her to just forget everything. Sarla gets emotional after sending Preeta to her new family.

Preeta goes on complaining about Karan. Sarla tells that she should understand Karan, they were best friends before, they should try to know their good points and change themselves. She is glad that Karan isn’t dual faced, he cares for Preeta and that’s his love. She asks Preeta to think of Karan’s goodness, for which she fell in love.


She wants Preeta to keep the marriage. She asks Preeta to believe herself and the big decision. She doesn’t want Preeta to feel forced. She knows that her daughter will succeed in all her relations. She asks Preeta to walk with Karan in life’s every phase. She asks her not to miss the golden moments with Karan on their first night, they shall move on in life with love and trust. Shrishti and Janki get happy on overhearing the conversation. Janki reads Shrishti’s naughty thoughts and pulls her doubts.

Sherlyn tells Mahira that Karan has accepted Preeta to prove her wrong, that she has come for the sake of money. She feels Karan is right to challenge Preeta, he will never get close to her, he wants to expose her truth. Mahira believes Sherlyn. Sherlyn tells that Karan won’t be affected by Preeta’s beauty. Sarla tells that Preeta can end all the misunderstandings by her love. She wants Preeta to revive her friendship with Karan.

She asks Preeta to recall Karan’s likes and dislikes, and be his good friend before becoming his wife. Preeta tells Sarla that she doesn’t want to be with Karan. Sarla asks her to spread her goodness around and make Luthra house a heaven. Sarla convinces her to give respect to every relation. She feels proud of Preeta. Karan asks Rishabh why did he tell about Grah Pravesh. Rishabh tells that he will not lie, his Grah Pravesh also happened. Rishabh asks Karan to forget everything and move on. Karan is tensed to be with Preeta.

Shrishti misses Preeta in the room. She is happy that Preeta reached her right place, she should start a new life with Karan. Shrishti calls up Sameer to share her joy. Sameer learns that Karan and Preeta are avoiding each other. Sameer and Shrishti have a fun banter. He tells her that Preeta has gone to Karan’s room. She tells that its Preeta’s room from now. He tells that Karan has gone to stay in guest room.

She tells him that Karan should be with Preeta. She asks him to help her in bringing Karan and Preeta together. She tells that they should set their first night. Sameer asks how can he help her. She asks him to just leave Karan into his room. She tells that its his duty to unite Karan and Preeta. She is sure that Karan’s male ego will be provoked once he complains about Preeta. She tells that Karan will go to stay in the same room, if they call him a coward. She insists him. She tells him that she will tell their kissing secret to everyone if he doesn’t help her.

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