Anupama 14th September Kavya hinders Vanraj’s drama

Anupama 14th September Kavya hinders Vanraj's drama

Anupama 14th September Kavya hinders Vanraj’s drama Anupama is worried because of Rakhi’s demand for the costly ring. Paritosh is thankful to Vanraj. He hugs Vanraj with much love. Vanraj is happy with his family. He wants to discuss about the engagement. He asks Anupama to suggest the things for the engagement. He wants her to participate in the preparations.

On the other hand, Pramod doubts Rakhi’s intentions. He knows that she is playing some trick to break the alliance. He tells that he knows her very well, Shah family doesn’t know her. She tells him that she isn’t a bad person to ruin her daughter’s happiness. She exclaims that she isn’t doing anything against Kinjal. She just wants Kinjal to be happy. She asks Pramod not to think much. She has planned to make Anupama break the alliance. She doesn’t think Kinjal fits into Anupama’s family.

Baa selects a gold ring for Kinjal. She tells that Paritosh has chosen the girl for himself, but she will select the ring for Kinjal. She shows the gold ring design to the family. Everyone likes the design. Anupama worriedly tells Baa that they will buy a diamond ring for Kinjal, as Rakhi told her.


She tells that Rakhi has told about Kinjal’s wish. Baa doesn’t think that diamond is better than gold. Vanraj tells that they will buy the ring as Kinjal wishes. Baa wants to know the cost of the ring. Anupama tells that it costs around five lakh. Vanraj is stunned to know this. Baa refuses to accept Rakhi’s demand. Vanraj tells that he will not accept this demand, he has earned money for his children’s future, not to satisfy anyone’s ego and demands. He tells that he doesn’t value money, but he can’t spend it like that. He doesn’t believe in showing off.

Anupama agrees with Vanraj as well. Baa is furious that Rakhi has made such a demand. She tells that if Rakhi is so rich, then she can buy a ring for Kinjal herself. Paritosh overhears the conversation. He wants to fulfill Kinjal’s wish. He doesn’t think he can afford a diamond ring. He feels helpless that he is not able to do anything. He tells Anupama that he can’t burden Vanraj more by demanding a diamond ring. He exclaims that he just got the responsibilities of an elder child, there is no one to look after him. He feels much upset.

He thinks he can’t get any help in this matter. Anupama feels sorry for him. She wants to help him so that he can’t sink into depression again. On meeting Dolly, Anupama gets an idea that she can sell her jewellery and buy a diamond ring for Kinjal. She thinks Baa won’t scold her if she gets the ring by selling her own jewellery.

Baa tells Dolly that she will not forgive Anupama if she sells her jewellery. Anupama doesn’t hear Baa’s words. She seeks Baa’s permission to visit her mother’s house. She tells that she wants to invite her family for Paritosh’s engagement. Vanraj acts sweetly to please Anupama. He doesn’t want to burden his in-laws. He tells that he will also meet her family today. He is ready to postpone his work. He tells that Kavya will handle his meetings at the office. Anupama is much pleased to see him behaving so good.

Meanwhile, Kavya comes home and sees Vanraj pleasing Anupama. She tells Vanraj about their important meeting. Vanraj apologizes to Kavya. He tells that he can’t come for the meeting. He has committed to spend the day with Anupama. Kavya angrily decides to snatch Vanraj from Anupama. Vanraj and Anupama prepare to visit her family.

Vanraj compliments her and shows his care towards her. Samar is happy to see love between his parents. He teases Anupama by acting like Vanraj. Anupama can’t control her happiness. She dances with joy. She doesn’t know that Vanraj is just acting to love her. Keep reading to know more on this show.

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