Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th September Riddhima’s answer

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th September Riddhima’s answer Riddhima’s life falls in peril once again when Kabir orders his aide to kill her. The masked man becomes her assassin and reaches her with an intent to kill her. Riddhima gets to see the assassin. She tries hard to save her life.

During the struggle, she tries to alert Vansh so that she can get saved. Vansh questions Angre about the shooter, who entered the house and shot the bullet at him. He can’t believe that someone had entered his house and caused the harm. Angre has no answers to give him. Vansh gets to hear the sound from his room. He rushes to see what’s happening there. Vansh finds Riddhima attacked by someone.

He doesn’t understand who has been in his room in his absence. Vansh saves Riddhima’s life. He gets her medical aid on time. Doctor informs him that Riddhima needs to regain consciousness, only then she will be able to survive. The entire family gets to know that Riddhima has been attacked once again. Vansh looks after Riddhima. Dadi suggests him to show his devotion and pray for Riddhima, who has saved his life. She exclaims that Riddhima has done a wife’s duty, and now its his turn to save her.

She advises him to fight for Riddhima’s life. Vansh is emotionally shaken up by Riddhima’s big sacrifice. He agrees to Dadi. He changes himself for Riddhima’s sake. Vansh prays to Ganpati for her life. He remembers Riddhima’s belief in Ganpati. He just wants Riddhima to recover. He has many questions on his mind. He wishes that she doesn’t die. He asks Ganpati to pass the test by proving his existence.

He wants Ganpati to save Riddhima’s life and keep her protected. Vansh’s prayers get answered. Dadi gets emotional watching him pray. She hands over the sindoor to him. She explains the strength of sindoor for a married woman. She asks Vansh to apply the sindoor to Riddhima, which will help her recover. Vansh’s behavior surprises everyone. Chanchal tells Anupriya that Vansh is really in love with Riddhima.

Anupriya doesn’t like this truth. Vansh applies the sindoor to Riddhima and waits for the sign of her recovery. Riddhima’s heart beat gets low for a minute, which stops Vansh’s heart beat for a moment. Vansh recalls his entire journey with Riddhima. He can’t lose her. He wants Riddhima to come back to him. Riddhima gets into a stable condition. He really starts believing in Dadi’s words. Vansh takes care of Riddhima. He does a husband’s duty.

On the other side, Kabir learns that Riddhima has seen the assassin. He doesn’t want Vansh to know his truth. He is worried since Riddhima will find out the enemy’s truth. He tells his aide that Riddhima has a sharp memory, she never forgets anything, she will try to find the truth at any cost. He fears that he may get exposed in front of Vansh and Riddhima. He asks the assassin to kill Riddhima before she finds out the truth. Vansh is seen taking good care of Riddhima. They have sweet moments. Riddhima wants to know the reason for his changed behavior.

Moreover, Vansh questions her about saving his life. He knows that she was aware of the murder plans. He asks her why did she save his life even after feeling threatened by him. Riddhima has saved him after believing him. She had read Dadi’s letter before meeting Vansh. Dadi told her Ragini’s truth, which proved that Vansh didn’t lie to her. Riddhima doesn’t want to punish any innocent person. She couldn’t let Vansh die without finding the entire truth. She answers Vansh’s question. She tells him that she has overlooked his bad qualities and just saw the goodness in him. Vansh gets emotional on hearing this. He feels that she is like an angel who has come between death and him. He then questions her if everything was her planning. Vansh’s heart wants to believe her. Kabir’s assassin reaches her once again. How will Vansh save Riddhima? Keep reading.

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