Choti Sardarni 15th Sept Meher proves Sarab innocent

Choti Sardarni 15th Sept Meher proves Sarab innocent

Choti Sardarni 15th Sept Meher proves Sarab innocent Param tells Sarabjeet that he knew Aditi is his Bua, he got her on the first day itself. Aditi tells that she had no courage to tell them the truth. Sarabjeet tells that Meher has suggested this idea. He thanks her for uniting him with Guddi. Vikram jokes that he has really become Sarabjeet’s brother-in-law now. He proceeds for the engagement with Aditi.

Vikram and Aditi get engaged. Vikram gets a call, which hinders the engagement. He tells his mom that he will attend the call later. He finds the call really important. He excuses himself for a minute. He learns that he is getting moved from the case. He doesn’t know why is he getting the transfer. The senior tells him that he should focus on his marriage now. Vikram gets angered. He suspects that Sarabjeet got him off from the case. His mood spoils.

He thinks Sarabjeet is really the culprit behind the scam. He stops the engagement. He reminds Sarabjeet his promise. He asks him if he is playing a game with him. He tells that Sarabjeet has played the game really well by keeping his innocent image. He accuses Sarabjeet for his cleverness. Aditi asks him the reason. Vikram reveals his transfer orders. Meher stops Vikram from accusing Vikram. She asks Vikram to prove that Sarabjeet got him transferred.


Meher defends Sarabjeet. She knows he can never do anything wrong. Surya tells Vikram that they should get the engagement done on time. Vikram doesn’t want anyone to interfere in his investigation. Sarabjeet tells Vikram that they can talk later once the engagement gets done. Vikram gets bitter-tongued. He feels he is out of the case now and Sarabjeet has won. Aditi asks Vikram to tell her, if he will always treat her less important than his work.

Vikram calls it a plan. Everyone asks him to relax and get engaged. Aditi refuses for the engagement. She defends her brother. She returns the ring to Vikram. Harleen asks Aditi not to take an emotional decision. Vikram accuses Sarabjeet for creating a scene in his engagement. Harleen knows Sarabjeet is really innocent. She asks him to fix up things. She tells him that he should call the seniors and stop Vikram’s transfer.

She tells Vikram that Sarabjeet didn’t plan anything. She doesn’t let Aditi go. Sarabjeet tells that he can’t transfer or stop Vikram, its against his ethics, he didn’t use any of his contacts. He asks Vikram to listen to him, its about Aditi’s engagement. He brings out the truth. He asks Aditi not to go and give him a chance. Sarabjeet and Meher get together. They arrange a presentation. They seek everyone’s attention. Meher tells that Sarabjeet is blamed for the scam, he was surrounded by media and CBI team led by Vikram.

She tells that none could get any proof against Sarabjeet. Vikram asks Meher if she would teach him the investigation. Meher reminds him the mistakes he had committed, by which he failed in his investigation. She questions Vikram to bring him to senses. Vikram asks her to come to the point. Meher taunts Vikram for having a weak knowledge. She presents the proofs, which state that Sarabjeet isn’t behind the seed scam.

Sarabjeet gives the defaulters list. He tells Vikram that the companies didn’t get any insurance, since the seeds were false, it was just a fake documented story. Meher tells that Vikram focussed on just Sarabjeet, when someone else was responsible for it. She tells that he should have thought of other suspects as well. She exposes the union minister. She tells that they have got the crime confession from the minister.

Meher plays the video of the confession. Meher and Sarabjeet prove the innocence. The families applaud for Meher. Kulwant tells that Meher is better than the CBI officer Vikram. She has done the proper investigation and proved her husband right. Everyone praises Meher and Sarabjeet, who have kept the promise. Vikram asks Sarabjeet why did he not tell anything before. Sarabjeet tells that he wanted to show the evidence after the engagement. He exclaims that he didn’t plan his transfer. He doesn’t want to tolerate Aditi’s sorrow.

He asks Vikram to apologize to Guddi before the engagement. Meher asks Aditi to decide well and not get emotional. Sarabjeet tells Vikram is a good person, but he should apologize to convince Aditi. Meher and Sarabjeet have a sweet moment. Meher receives a summon. A new problem arises when Meher is accused for physically assaulting a police officer in Serbia. Sarabjeet gets tensed knowing Meher has to be present in the Serbian court for the case.

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