Pavitra Bhagya 17th September Reyaansh stands by Praniti

Pavitra Bhagya 17th September Reyaansh stands by Praniti

Pavitra Bhagya 17th September Reyaansh stands by Praniti In Pavitra Bhagya’s upcoming episode, we will see major twists. Reyaansh’s Dadi rebukes Praniti for creating a rift between brothers. Reyaansh doesn’t want Baljeet to upset Praniti. He takes Praniti’s side. He stands by Praniti and supports her by doing against Baljeet. This makes Baljeet react furiously. Baljeet can’t see her grandson going against her. Baljeet threatens Praniti.

She tells that she will throw her out of the house. Reyaansh tells the family that he will not let them commit the same mistake again. He adds that he will always stand by Praniti if she is right. He stops Baljeet from throwing Praniti out. He tells that Praniti won’t go anywhere until the truth is out. He can’t tolerate the insult of any girl in his house.

He reminds that he had seen his family making such mistake before. He doesn’t want them to regret later. He shocks the family by his behavior. He is sure to find the truth. He asks Praniti to tell him what’s in her heart. He promises to support her if she is true. Praniti gets emotional by Reyaansh’s support.


She never imagined that he would come up to support her like this. She cries a lot with tears of happiness for the first time when Reyaansh had a total change of heart. Reyaansh loves Praniti and realized his feelings as well. Praniti too realizes her feelings for Reyaansh. Will they both confess love to each other and sort out the misunderstandings? What do you think about the show’s upcoming track. Comment your opinion below if you like this show’s current twists.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Pavitra Bhagya 17th September Reyaansh stands by Praniti: 5/5
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