Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th Sept Krishna’s mystery

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th Sept Krishna's mystery

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th Sept Krishna’s mystery call The family members laugh seeing the driver busy on his phone. They say that he is the only person enjoying the picnic the most. They also want to enjoy the trip and suggest that they sing all the way till they reach the haveli. Kartik and Akhilesh drive the bus turn by turn. The family members have a good time singing and enjoying their together time. They reach the haveli.

Kartik plans a surprise for Naira’s function. Naira and Gayu make prayers and fulfill Dadi’s mannat. Naira tells her that she is still scared of the nightmare, she doesn’t want to lose Kartik. Gayu doesn’t want her to think of anything and just enjoy her outing. Naira is happy to see the brightness in the haveli. Gayu tells that Kartik has done everything for her on just her one request.

Naira feels she should have shifted to the haveli during the initial months. Gayu takes Naira to Kartik, who is all praise for his wife. The family attends the puja. Kartik gets Krishna’s call repeatedly. He wants to avoid the calls to keep some distance, since Krishna isn’t adjusting in the new family.

Naira tells him that Krishna may need their help, its better to know the reason for the call. Kartik and Naira when they fail to connect to Krishna. The family tries to hide Kartik’s surprise. Naira asks him to reveal what did he plan. Kartik surprises Naira and tells that he had planned a function for their coming baby. Dadi reveals that Kartik will be the best father for the baby. Naira thanks Kartik for the beautiful surprise.

He thanks her for making his life beautiful. He gets emotional. He tells that he will always be with Naira and his daughter. Suwarna asks Naira to get ready for the function. She stops Kartik from following Naira. Kartik tells the family that he is planning another surprise. Dadi asks him if he is ready. Kartik tells her that everything is ready. Dadi blesses Kartik and Naira to always be happy. Kartik finishes the decorations. He finds Dadi and Devyaani crying.

He worries for Naira and his daughter. Dadi tells that they are fine, but they forgot to bring the chunri for the function. She feels its a big blunder. Kartik asks them not to take stress, Naira’s pregnancy welfare is important. He tells that he will get the chunri for Naira. Naksh is happy to see Kartik’s efforts for Naira’s happiness. He wants to help Kartik in getting the chunri in time. Naira gets decked up for the function. She sings praises of Kartik’s true love.

She tells that Kartik loves her a lot. She feels special just because of Kartik’s love. Gayu and Kirti help her in adornment. They compliment Naira and tell that Kartik will go mad seeing her. Kartik gets a lovely floral chunri for Naira. He happily dances with Naira in her function. He gets Krishna’s call for help. He is worried that she is in some big problem. Naira feels he is overthinking. He tells her that Krishna has called him superman, which means she is really calling him for help. Kartik rushes to help Krishna even when Dadi tries hard to stop him. What disaster will happen with Kartik that he goes missing? Keep reading.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th Sept Krishna's mystery call

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