Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September Kabir’s jealousy rage

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September Kabir's jealousy rage

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September Kabir’s jealousy rage Riddhima learns that the real DSR is coming to meet Vansh. She wants to know the truth. She grows curious like always. She goes to find out who is the real DSR and why is an imposter living with them. She wants to know the imposter’s motive. Kabir has no idea about Angre’s search for the real DSR. Riddhima doesn’t share the details with Angre. She thinks of not disturbing him in his Sangeet function.

She could have saved DSR’s life by informing Vansh in time. The story proceeds with a major blunder from DSR, who informs Anupriya about his arrival. Anupriya is shocked that the real DSR has come to meet Vansh. She rushes to inform the crucial news to Kabir. Kabir asks her to not worry since he will be managing everything. He rushes to stop DSR from meeting Vansh, since he will get caught. He goes to DSR and shoots him down.

He cleverly plots the body disposal as well. Kabir gets rid of the murder stains. He gets worried when Ishani happens to see him and screams out in fear. Ishani had planned to leave the Sangeet and run away from the house, so that her marriage doesn’t happen with any servant. She didn’t wish to accept Vansh’s decision. Aryan assisted her in running away by hiding in the huge flower basket.


Ishani’s plan fails when she comes across DSR’s dead body. She alerts the entire family. She wants them to check who the dead person is. Kabir doesn’t leave any evidence behind. He joins the family. He shows fake concern for Ishani. Ishani gets terrified since she has believed Sunny to be dead. She tells Vansh that she has really seen the dead body. Vansh asks Angre to check the vicinity. Angre doesn’t find any proof of the murder happening there. Riddhima gets doubtful since she had got the message from DSR.

She checks for DSR everywhere. Vansh asks Ishani not to worry and enjoy her Sangeet. The family thinks Ishani had seen something and misunderstood. They call it an illusion and take Ishani with them. Vansh wants Riddhima to be with him. He worries whenever she disappears. Riddhima shares the information about DSR late. She informs Vansh and Angre about DSR’s mail. She tells them that real DSR was coming to meet them.

Vansh suspects the DSR in their house. Kabir takes a step to end their doubts. He tells them that he had mailed Vansh about their meeting. He misleads Vansh and Riddhima. The Sangeet function goes on as planned. Riddhima thinks she was just overthinking about the mail. She wants to find out about Ragini’s murder. She thinks she should focus on her mission and help Kabir. She doesn’t want to have any soft corner for Vansh.

Kabir also expects her to not fall for Vansh. Kabir entertains everyone with his dance performance. The family also performs in the Sangeet. Vansh doesn’t let the function end without Riddhima and his performance. Vansh asks Riddhima for a dance. The couple makes everyone awestruck by their romantic chemistry on the love song. They look good together and get blessed by Dadi. Vansh wants to profess love to Riddhima.

He bows down to her in love like he has given up everything, his ego, his anger and his cold behavior, just for the sake of her love. He just wants to be of Riddhima. He accepts his feelings. He isn’t able to tell her anything, but hopes that she understands his feelings. Riddhima is surprised to see Vansh bowing down in front of her. Dadi feels Vansh has accepted his love feelings, since he has made it evident today. She thinks a person can either bend down in front of God, parents and then his love.

Dadi is too happy for her grandson’s new journey. Vansh and Riddhima have a moment. Kabir finds love in their eyes. He wanted Vansh to fall for Riddhima. He never wanted to lose Riddhima to Vansh. He gets too angered on watching their love chemistry. He tells Anupriya that he never wanted Riddhima to love Vansh. He tells that he has seen Riddhima fallen in love with Vansh, which he can’t afford. He doesn’t want to lose Riddhima.

His jealousy makes him take a decision. He decides to meet Riddhima as her Kabir and woo her back. He wants Riddhima to just love him. He can’t tolerate Riddhima with someone else. Anupriya doesn’t want Kabir’s love to come between their mission. What will Kabir do to win back Riddhima? Keep reading.

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